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The pack at a low price that will allow you to go to the end of your limits! 

👉 Develop your strength and agility.
👉 Improve your Handstand.
👉 Progress in Calisthenics.

Weight belt
Become a real machine: build muscle mass with our ballast belt. It can support up to 180 kg of weight. Very comfortable and durable, it's just waiting for you! 

Wooden Parallettes :
Perfect your level of Street Workout : Take advantage of the unique stability and comfort of the grip to perform various tricks such as the Handstand, the L-Sit or the Plank.

Elastic Bands:
Absolute versatility: Whether you're warming up, getting heavier or getting lighter so you can get those last few reps, elastic bands are the ideal equipment to help you progress, thanks to their 3 levels of resistance.

Gymnastic Rings:
For greater strength and agility: develop your upper body with our adjustable rings. With precise graduation, you can perform a variety of exercises: push-ups, pull-ups, muscle-ups, dips... anywhere, anytime! 

Liquid Chalk:
Keep your hands dry during effort with our liquid magnesia. Maximum grip to give your best with every set!

CALISTHENICS Pack Sale price€133,00 Regular price€169,50