Elastic Bands
Elastic Bands
Elastic Bands
Elastic Bands
Elastic Bands
Elastic Bands
Elastic Bands
Elastic Bands
Elastic Bands
Elastic Bands
Elastic Bands
Elastic Bands

Elastic Bands

Prix de vente€39,90

High quality elastic bands to complete your workouts!

- Designed to improve your progress.
- 3 levels of resistance.
- Over 90 exercises available.
- 100% natural latex elastic bands.

they trusted us...

Used in a multitude of different sports and disciplines, elastic bands are the best friends of body weight training enthusiasts. They are often the first investment we recommend and certainly the most profitable!

3 levels of resistance: maximum versatility for a minimum of bands!

Elastic bands allow:
- Better warming up the body and joints.
- Facilitating exercises that are still inaccessible, such as pull-ups.
- Complexifying exercises that have become too easy, such as push-ups
- Replicating classic strength training exercises, such as seated pull-ups/rowing
- Assisting in stretching and flexibility sessions.

Progress in flexibility: make your exercises more complex or simplify them with our elastic bands, which will allow you to get the most out of your workouts!

Elastic bands made of 100% natural latex.

Information: Each band forms a loop with a length of 208 cm. Band widths of 13, 22 and 32 mm.

Elastic Bands

Quality. Resistance. Versatility.

5 - 16 kg: low resistance.
12 - 32 kg: medium resistance.
25 - 65 kg: high resistance.

Eric's Tip: It is entirely possible to use multiple elastic bands at the same time, allowing you to accumulate resistance levels up to 113kg!

Customer Reviews

Based on 209 reviews

Recent purchase. Effective, with a good panel of resistance.
Micro-cracking on one of the bands, however, to be seen with use if it doesn't get worse.

Julien Girard

Very good elastic for all kinds of exercise

Very good experience

Fast delivery, responsive customer service and top-quality equipment - everything is done professionally at Éric Flag!

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