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Wrist Protectors


Wrist Wraps high quality branded design for increased performance during your training sessions  !

  •      Allows relieve pain and limit injuries 
  •      Increase your performance preserving your wrists
  •      High quality fabric for a optimal comfort
  •      Three colors for one maximum style

All details are in the description below.

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Wrist Wraps are sold in pairs

In the world of bodyweight training and Street Workout, there are few accessories and equipment that really have a performance impact during training. Wrist Guards, also called "Wrist Wraps", are among these exceptions.

They are also effective in a multitude of other disciplines, such as fitness, Crossfit, weightlifting, Parkour and gymnastics.

En firmly stabilizing the wrists, some of the pressure and stress that normally returns to them during most exercises is supported by the Wrist Guards, effectively allowing you to relieve pain and so to push yourself even further during each movement while limiting the risk of injury.

No more discomfort during push-ups, hand balances or any other exercise on the floor, on bars or with dumbbells and Olympic bars.

These high quality Wrist Wraps, suitable for all body types, wrap around the wrists and attach as shown in the video below. It is then very easy to adjust the amount of assist and support by tightening and loosening them just by turning them on themselves.

How To Put On & Adjust Wrist Guards

➖ Characteristics of the Eric Flag Wrist Protectors ➖

🔹 Stability and Safety. Reduction of stress on the wrists and thus associated pain and potential injuries.

🔸 Improved performance. Tired or sore wrists will no longer be a barrier to pushing yourself further.

🔹 Ideal for everyone. Adapted to all wrists, it is very easy to adjust the tightness once fitted.

🔸 Comfort & Quality. The very high quality 90cm x 8cm fabric made of polyester promises maximum comfort while remaining breathable enough to limit perspiration. Machine washable at 40 ° in a small pocket.

🔹 Design & Aesthetics. Available in black, white and blue, these Wrist Wraps are sure to add an undeniable touch to your workout outfit.

For any questions regarding our Wrist Protectors or any other item, please write to us at: sav@ericflag.com

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Customer Reviews

Based on 21 reviews

Great, wrist guards, very strong and pleasant

Leopold Brun
Greatly reduces pain

These wrist protectors have changed my life! Being a beginner I practice the handstand but I could only do it a few times in a row before experiencing wrist pain. By putting on the wrist wraps I no longer feel pain and can therefore train more! Suggestion for another product: the elbow pads also really helped me, too bad they weren't on the éric flag store…

Yann Durand

nothing to say just what I expected


Fast delivery, quality material

Naser Mahmutovic
Quality wrist guards

Really Top

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