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Weight belt

Dipping Belt to effectively and sustainably increase the muscle gain and strength in all disciplines! 

  •      Belt adjustable to any morphology
  •      Wide back and padded for maximum comfort
  •      Two carabiners for simplified use
  •      Big solidity, which can support up to 180kgs

All details are in the description below.

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After long months of testing, we are proud to present our Weight belt !

Weighting your exercises is a huge asset in gaining effectively and gradually in muscle gain but just as much in Brute force, which will be used in many disciplines such as Street Workout, Crossfit, Indoor Bodybuilding, Climbing and many more!

Basic bodyweight exercises, such as tractions, dips or squats, are essential to forge a powerful and aesthetic physique.

However, when you reach a certain level, increasing the number of repetitions again and again in a row will only serve to improve your muscular endurance, with no or very little effect on the increase in strength and muscle. .

This is precisely why it becomes extremely interesting to start add weight to these exercises to continue to increase their intensity and results. The Ballast Belt then becomes a essential accessory to effectively achieve its goals!

After working on this project for many months, today I am offering you a high-end Weight Belt that combines efficiency, aesthetics and solidity foolproof.

➖ Characteristics of the Eric Flag Weight Belt ➖

🔸 Ultra-comfortable et sustainable :

● Coating and seams in nylon of very good quality for a maximum strength.
● The chain and belt can bear up to 180 kgs load : they will certainly crack only after you!
● The belt has a wide, padded back for a better distribution of the load, for a maximum of comfort and grip.

🔹 A carabiner on both sides of the chain for even easier use, transport and possible washing!

🔸 customized dimensions, which I chose from A to Z:

● Belt 76cm long in very flexible material, suitable for all body types!
● An optimized size chain of more than 90cm in total, allowing more freedom on the height at which the load will hang depending on the hooking point of the carabiner.

🔹 Hand-embroidered Eric Flag logo for an elegant and refined design!

🔸 The whole, sent under protection internal in a box with a simple and classy brand design.

🌍 Free delivery on this store from 35 € in France, Switzerland and in most countries of the European Union! more info here

🛰️ The amount of shipping costs will update automatically for the rest of the world.

They tested!

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Customer Reviews

Based on 90 reviews
Noah Le Roux
No better elsewhere

A belt at the top to be able to work at the top, not on it. I wasn't expecting such solidity, for the ridiculous price, so go ahead with your eyes closed.

Julien LENNE
Worth it

Perfect for all types of training, beginner, advanced or expert. I am new to street lifting, it allows me to use something other than a backpack while helping a creator.

I highly recommend this belt.

Nathan Murger
Very good

I validate very comfortable

Pierre Lanoix

Nothing to say honestly, I could very well have bought it from big brands but I didn't.
Top quality! And above all to support the work of Eric who is remarkable, his Podcasts, his Videos, and suddenly now I can even say that even his shop are great!
Ps: bravo Eric I adore you !!!

Stephane Gramard
On top

Solid, well thought out, arrived one day before the date indicated, perfect!

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