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Resistance Bands


Elastic bands high quality to complement your workouts 🔥

  •      Elastic bands 100% natural latex
  •      Bands two-tone for increased aesthetics
  •      Tested and feel like maximum service life
  •      +90 exercises available for vary your workouts

All details are in the description below.

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I've always said elastic bands are the best friends of bodyweight fitness enthusiasts. They often represent the first investment that I would recommend in equipment and perhaps the one that will be the most profitable too!

These bands are also commonly used in a multitude of sports and different disciplines, and with good reason as they are versatile !

One and the same band can be useful during each stage of training :

● For warm up better body and joints
● Facilitate exercises still inaccessible (like pull-ups)
● Weighting down exercises that have become too easy (like pumps)
● In order to replicate strength training exercises classic (such as seated pulling / rowing)
● Assist during the sessions stretching andrelaxation

This is why with so much utility and versatility on their own and having always been a user of this type of tape, it was important to me to offer this product with a reworked and unique design in my shop.

Progress smoothly but also complicate or simplify your exercises thanks to these elastic bands are so many possibilities that will allow you to get the maximum benefit from your training sessions!

➖ Video user guide | 90+ exercises demonstrated | 1 Complete program ➖

➖ Characteristics of Eric Flag Elastic Bands ➖

🔸 Three resistance levels chosen by myself for maximum versatility in minimum bands:

● 5 to 16 kgs for resistance low (red and black band).
● 12 to 32 kgs for resistance average (blue and gold stripe).
● 25 to 65 kgs and feel like great resistance (light blue and gray stripe).

The Elastic bands make a loop with a total length of 208cm, with respective band widths of 13, 22 and 32mm.

The peculiarity of this type of tape is that the resistance provided will depend on the traction you exert on this one: the more the band is stretched during the movement that you make, the more the resistance will be strong and close to its maximum and the more it goes like this lighten or weigh down the movement, depending on the position of the tape.

Why only 3 different bands when you can easily find packs of 4 or 5 on the market?

Simply because in my personal experience as well as the testimonies collected, these additional bands, often of even greater resistance, are both rarely used and redundant, in addition to being the most expensive.

What I mean by "redundant " and what the sellers of these packs are careful not to specify is that it is quite possible to use several different resistance bands at the same time!

For example with these, if I use the medium and large band at the same time, I can accumulate up to almost 100 kgs of resistance, which will often be more than enough for all types of use.

Thus, with these three bands alone and cumulative, we reach a range of resistance or assistance ranging from 5 to 113 kgs!

🔹 100% natural Latex bands and feel like increased service life ! They will not tear and will provide constant resistance over time.

🔸 An elegant design thanks to the particularity brought to our latex to offer you two-tone bands in unique colors. All this in order to mix performance and elegance during your workouts.

For any questions regarding our bands or any other article, please write to us at: sav@ericflag.com

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Customer Reviews

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josselin MABILON

Resistance Bands

Aurélien Marchi
Elastic bands

At the top for the profession strong elastics

Levy Popieul

Resistance Bands

Charles Decuy

Resistance Bands

Thomas Bourguignon
Weight / elastic resistance belt

The belt is nickel, I used it with heavy loads to test my max before 2022: it correctly supports 60k of ballast! To see over time but for the price it costs I say YES! 🙌🏼

The elastics are of good quality, I am a sports coach and I am used to using them and from several different brands: the material is dense and the elastic “return” when it stops stretching is quite good, it's a good sign as to the lifespan of the product in general so to see over time but the same, I think it will do the job very well! Well done, I'm happy with my purchases 🙌🏼

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