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Pull-up Bar + 3 Elastic Bands + Liquid Chalk

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The pack gathering the essential equipment for his home-gym!

ūüĎČ Pull-up bar adjustable up to 2m10.
ūüĎČ Elastics to make your exercises more complex or simpler.
ūüĎČ Magnesia to keep your hands dry during exercise.

Slide Bar:
Become a pull-up champion: thanks to its maximum height of 2m10, you'll be able to perform your pull-ups in the best possible conditions. Our Slide Bar is adjustable from 105 to 210 cm every 10 cm. Suitable for all body sizes, it can support loads of up to 300 kg. 

Slide Bar Dips (if selected):
Perform a multitude of exercises:
straight-leg dips, neutral/large grip pull-ups, abdominal exercises... There's so much you can do with this grip.

Support yourself with elastic bands, or weight yourself with our weight belt, weighted vest or kettlebell. So many possibilities to help you progress!

Elastic bands
Absolute versatility. Whether you're warming up, weighting down or lightening up for those last few reps, elastic bands are the ideal equipment to help you progress. Elastic bands offer 3 levels of resistance.

Liquid magnesia:
Go the distance! Don't be bothered by perspiration on your hands during exercise. Thanks to our liquid magnesia, you'll get the best grip so you can give your all in every set.

Pull-up Bar + 3 Elastic Bands + Liquid Chalk
Pull-up Bar + 3 Elastic Bands + Liquid Chalk Prix de vente‚ā¨256,00 Prix normal‚ā¨306,70