The guide to start Street Workout!

The guide to start Street Workout!

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Hello everyone ūüĎč

If you are looking for a simple and very effective bodyweight program to get back in shape or build a stronger, leaner and more muscular body, or if you want to start street workout so that you can soon learn the tricks that make you dream, you are in the right place!

In this article, we will see: 

  • The best body weight exercises
  • Execution to get the most out of it
  • The structure and frequency of training
  • A complete program

We will focus on a full-body session that will allow you to learn and master all the fundamentals. 

The session is composed of 2 circuits of 4 exercises, each focusing on a type of movement: pulling, pushing, lower body and abdominal belt.

Let's go! 


Ex 1 : Pull-ups 

Pull-ups will require a fairly high bar or a pair of gymnastic rings if possible. They will generally be easier at the beginning in supination, i.e. with the palms facing you, and by taking a slightly narrower grip than at shoulder width.


Each repetition starts with the arms outstretched and we will want to initiate the movement by pulling with the shoulder blades just before or at the same time as pulling with the arms, then we will have to pass the chin over the bar without forcing on the neck. 

Remember to keep the body well sheathed, which will generally give us more strength and make all the exercises even more effective.

The pull-ups may be difficult at the very beginning so we recommend 2 things to get you there like a pro: 

  • Slow down during the eccentric phase and go to the end of the movement
  • Reduce your weight with the help of an elastic band

If these variations are still too difficult, you can start with barbell hangs to gradually get comfortable with the movement.

Ex 2 : Dips 

The 2nd exercise will be the dips which are preferably done on dip bars even if two pieces of furniture can do the trick. 

If you want to achieve the perfect execution of the dips, you can find our blog post about it: right here. 

For this movement, it is going to be necessary to tighten the arms and to turn them towards outside while enlarging itself as much as possible, the body will remain covered. Then it will be necessary to go down by having the arms along the body until forming a right angle. 

If it's too complicated, here are the 3 possible variations: 


Ex 3 : Squat 

Keep the gap and angle most natural for you, then get down as low as you can while keeping your back straight and your knees in line with your feet. 

squatsquat error

If you lack mobility in your ankles, you can place a support under your heels to get down more easily. 

Once bodyweight squats become too easy, you can overload yourself with either a weighted vest or a kettlebell. 


If you want to go further, the pistol squat will be a difficult exercise that will improve your explosiveness and your unilateral balance. You can hold on to one support at the very beginning to understand the movement and then gradually work your way up to balance without any assistance.

pistol squat

Ex. 4 : Leg lifts.

A great move that anyone can start on the floor by simply raising the knees before being able to move on to a version where you keep your legs as straight as possible. It is great for the abdominal belt ūüí™

leg lifts

leg lifts

You can stand on your hands to make these exercises easier or go as far as lifting your butt off the ground to make them harder. 

Caution: Remember to keep your lower back glued to the ground by retroverting your pelvis, your abs will be better solicited. 

error leg statementsleg raises execution

Once you've mastered all of this, it's best to continue in suspension or in support on parallel bars. First with knee lifts if needed, until you can progressively extend your legs and raise them to 45 degrees. From there, the L-SIT should be accessible, an excellent movement, very complete which will be necessary to master to advance further in the control of its body and in Street Workout. 

leg lifts


Ex 1 : Australian pull-ups.

This horizontal pull-up movement complements the vertical pull-up and is done with a low bar or rings while keeping the feet on the ground and emphasizing the inner part of the back. 

Australian pull-upsMovement performed on a Levitate Bar

As with the pull-ups, you want to engage the shoulder blades by pulling them back and down before attempting to reach the top of the pecs with the bar if possible. You must remain in control throughout the movement and your body must remain straight and sheathed.

A good way to reduce or increase the intensity load is to play with the leverage of your body. The more you stand, the easier the exercise becomes, conversely, if you stretch out more until you can even raise your feet, it will make the exercise more difficult.

Australian pull-ups

Ex 2 : The pumps.

For this movement, you will have to stretch your arms and turn them outwards. You grow taller by pushing your shoulders forward and then down, contracting your legs, glutes and abs to be in active support before you can begin the push-ups. 

To properly execute the pump you need to: 

  • Move the shoulders forward¬†
  • Elbows at your side
  • Touching the pectoral muscles to the ground

Variation: if this movement is still too difficult, do them on your knees. If it's too easy, you can elevate or work them explosively.

Ex 3 : Hip Trust.

Complementary exercise to the squat for the lower body that you can do on the ground or with the shoulders placed at knee height to increase the amplitude, the accent will be put on the glutes for this exercise. 

hip trusthip trust

To increase the difficulty, you can work on only one leg. As with the squat, you will quickly be limited by the difficulty, which is why adding weight will be optimal for progress. 

Ex. 4 : Forearm gain + Superman.

To finish this circuit B, here is an excellent bi-set sheathing to realize: 

The first exercise will be a sheathing on the front arms for which we will want to hold as long as possible then it will be necessary to continue on the exercise "superman" which will sheath all the back of the body and increase the mobility.


superman board

Superman variation: If the position is too difficult, place your arms at your sides. On the contrary, if it is too easy, you can do the swimmer's position (breaststroke exercise) or the superman pull.

Sets, reps, rest

We recommend that you do one set per exercise (e.g. circuit A: 1 set of pull-ups, 1 set of dips, 1 set of squats, 1 set of leg raises), take a short rest between each exercise (between 30 and 60 seconds). Before moving on to circuit B, we advise you to rest for 2 to 3 minutes. 

You can now repeat this between 6 and 8 times, here is an example of a typical workout: 

training frequency
For each exercise, you can aim for between 8 and 15 repetitions, giving yourself 80% except for the last 2 exercises (leg raises + crunches) where you will have to give yourself 100%.

Concerning the tempo of the repetitions, a good idea is to take
2 seconds for the descent, 1 second for the ascent and 1 second of stillness to improve the control

Levers of progress in Street Workout

Here are the main levers for progress: 

progress in street workout

Training frequency 

street workout frequency

Complete body weight program

To summarize this article, here is the program for circuit A and B: 

street workout program

street workout program

Feel free to save them to have them in your phone ūüėɬ†

If you want to go even further, I recommend my Street Workout Evolution programs that will guide you step by step no matter what your level is. Whether you are a beginner, intermediate or advanced, you will find your benefits! 

I hope you enjoyed this article and will give you motivation, to see the video about it: click here ūüĒ•

If you want to get the best equipment and progress further, everything is on our store.

See you soon, 

Eric Flag