#60 - How to Make Money on the Internet (& Create a Podcast)

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Episode 60 - Earning a living from anywhere with an internet connection? It's become a lot more accessible in the last 10 years and in this FAQ episode I list and detail all the income streams I know and use to make money from content creation.

I continue with a full list of the gear I use or would recommend to get started, before ending with a little walkthrough on how to create your own podcast and give yourself the chance to succeed while managing your expectations about earning money.

Enjoy! 😃

Hardware & resources mentioned:
-Sony Alpha 7c
- Sony Alpha 7 siii
-Sony 20mm F1 lens.8
-Shure SM7B Microphone
-Rode PSA1 Microphone Boom
-Blue Yeti Microphone
-Rode Videomic Pro Microphone
-Smartlav Tie Microphone +
-Rode Wireless Go 2 Bluetooth Microphone

-I take all my music here since my 1st video
-I host my podcast on Buzzsprout
-I use the Adobe suite to edit my photos, videos and podcasts

-Ugo's "Piano Online" Channel
Episode Notes
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