# 55 - Structure a Mass Gain + Street Workout Program, With Nassim Sahili

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Episode 55 - I am pleased to welcome Nassim Sahili, sports coach and Youtuber (> 700k) to discuss how to mix classic bodybuilding and Street Workout in your workouts to get the best of both disciplines, i.e. gain muscle while learning to control your body in space. We discuss:
  • The structure of a good bodybuilding program according to Nassim 
  • The fundamentals of building muscle, what to do to be sure to progress.
  • In a hybrid program, how do you choose the right weight training exercises?
  • How to incorporate around them the different figures of SW that interests us?
  • How to integrate flexibility, which is interesting for certain exercises of both disciplines?
  • The basics of a healthy lifestyle and nutrition to achieve these goals

Good listening ! 😃

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