# 56 - When the Pressure of Your Surroundings Holds You Back

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Episode 56 - We all receive more or less direct opinions, advice and advice from the people around us.
Sometimes it was requested, sometimes not. Sometimes it boosts you, sometimes it slows you down. Sometimes it comes from a stranger who doesn't want you anything good, sometimes from a loved one who sincerely loves you.

It is not easy in all these cases to approach and react to this type of intervention, especially when it is someone who matters to us who tells us and this person does not necessarily surrender reckons that she is slowing us down, contrary to her intention.

In this episode I answer a few questions about this that I have received from listeners, as well as others related to perfectionism and the quest for self-improvement.

Good listening ! 😃

Resources mentioned:
Smart Fire Podcast by Antoine Fombonne
Seneca Book - On The Shortness Of Life

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