# 53 - Minimalism: How To Get More With Less

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Episode 53 - Minimalism is a "movement" or a style of life in which one aims not to overload oneself with material possessions, just as to aim for the essential in other areas of one's life such as for one's social environment or for certain habits .

In this episode, I draw on my experiences with some of its aspects that I have integrated into my own life more and more over the past 4 years. I approach:

  • In which areas I am deliberately minimalist and why
  • All the positives and negatives I experienced in this
  • Ideas for reflection and action to implement this in your own life and at your own pace
  • Several additional resources on this subject that I can advise.

Good listening ! 😃

Resources mentioned:
- My Youtube video on Minimalism
- Matt D'Avella's channel that inspired me among others
- Stan Leloup's Minimalism Analysis Video from Marketing Mania
- The book Essentialism, by Greg McKeown: In English / In French
- Netflix documentary n ° 1: "Minimalism: A documentary about the important things
- Netflix documentary n ° 2: "The Minimalists: Less is now"
- Interview with myself on the "Extraterrien" Podcast (episode 120)
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