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Article: #52 - Études Le Jour & Passion La Nuit Pour Être Épanoui, Avec Grégoire Dossier

#52 - Study By Day & Passion By Night To Be Fulfilled, With Grégoire Dossier

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Episode 52 - I am pleased to welcome Grégoire Dossiera freshly graduated student, Youtuber (93k) and Podcaster, among all the other projects he has already launched at just 22 years old. We discuss:
  • His career as a law student is just finishing with a Master's degree.
  • How, due to a lack of fulfillment in his studies, he sought and found parallel activities that later became his passions.
  • His relationship with social networks and content creation and his very first experiences.
  • How he launched all his projects, while managing his studies and his entourage in parallel.
  • What life is like for a student by day, passionate about night.
  • How is the transition from studies to his passion turned into his new job.
  • The books that have marked him.
  • How his breakup in love transformed him.

Happy listening! 😃

Find Gregory Dossier on Youtube, on Instagram and all his projects on his website.

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Books mentioned:
Steven Pressfield - The War of Art (English) / Grégoire's video about him
Cal Newport - Deep Work / French version
Hans Rosling -
Factfulness / French Version


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