# 49 - Pushing Optimization Of Your Life Too Far? With Hugo Owona

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Episode 49 - I had the pleasure of being invited by Hugo Owona on his Podcast "Le Rendez-vous Musclé" for a full and very interesting discussion. We discuss:
  • My experience in bodybuilding, street lifting and street workout, the differences between these practices and how to start and then progress
  • My experience with introversion, shyness and self-confidence
  • How to find the balance between Passion and Business in content creation
  • Who do I try to prove something to through my extreme experiences?
  • The good and bad sides of the constant search to optimize your life
  • My creative process for my solo podcast episodes

Good listening ! 😃

Meet Hugo Owona on Youtube et on his Podcast: Le Rendez-vous Muscle

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