#48 - Financial Freedom Without Specializing ? With Axel Wino

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Episode 48 - I'm pleased to welcome Axel Wino, a jack-of-all-trades content creator on learning, entertainment and sports on Tik Tok (2.4M), Youtube (178k) and Instagram (181k). We discuss:
  • His desire to try and learn everything rather than seeking mastery in a single field, which can be seen in his professional and sporting career from a very young age
  • How he adapted his content and exploded on Tik Tok during the 2020 lockdown
  • How he started making a living on the networks through partnerships by learning from his first bad experiences
  • How he deals with the stress and fear that everything could end as quickly as it began
  • How he seeks to be financially free so he can afford to just do what he loves every day

Enjoy your listening! 😃

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