Victim of its own success, the Pull-up bar is back on pre-order! And to mark the occasion, we're offering a 72-hour discount on the Slide Bar alone and all packs containing it!

Adjustable height. Maximum versatility.

The Pull-up bar's ease of adjustment means you can work at the height you want for each of your workouts.
Here are just a few examples of exercises you can do with our pull-up bar: 

Vertical and Horizontal Pull-Ups (Back & Biceps)
Dips (Chest, Shoulders & Triceps)
Muscle up (Full upper body)
Leg lifts & L-Sit (Abs & Obliques)
Front lever / Back Lever / Plank / Handstand

They bought the pull-up bar!

Pull-up bar

Designed to improve you.

Perfect your pull-ups and progress with our high and adjustable pull-up bar!

Adjustable to 11 different heights in less than 10 seconds (top time!)