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The Transformation Challenge 2021

The Challenge is over! The video of the results will arrive on my YouTube channel by the end of September 😃

Transformation Challenge 2021 Presentation Video

The Challenge, which runs from April 5 to June 20, 2021 (Calendar below), is free and open to anyone willing to invest in transforming themselves physically and mentally, as well as offering themselves a chance to walk away with a share of the €8,000 in prizes distributed 🔥

But most importantly, you are definitely giving yourself a good opportunity and motivation to work on yourself, improve and learn as much as possible during the experience, being surrounded by hundreds of people who do exactly the same, with whom you can interact the whole time! 😃

The Challenge includes 6 different categories so that everyone can find their own objectives. The category will be chosen definitively when the results of the Challenge are handed in, so it is not a big deal if you are not sure at the start. They are :

Men - Dry & Fat Loss
Men - Muscle Gain
Men - Performance
Women - Dry & Fat Loss
Women - Muscle Gain
Women - Performance

Similarly, age will be considered when selecting transformations from three ranges: under 25, 25-39 and over 39.

All the details of the Challenge Rules can be found at the bottom of the page.
Got an extra question? Check out the F.A.Q below!

The Challenge Prizes (8'000€)

The prize system for this edition is simple. The 8'000€ are divided into 5'000€ of prizes in the Eric Flag store and 3'000€ of prizes in MyProtein.

Among all the transformations handed in at the end of the Challenge, a small selection (between 20 and 40) will be chosen to appear in the only video of the end of the TC which will be published at the end of September.

All the people whose transformation will have been commented in the video will leave with the same prize of 150€.

🥇 S elected Transformations in Video

A 90€ voucher in the Eric Flag
storeAND a 60€ voucher at MyProtein

Video clips of participants (state of mind, performance, etc.) that will be in the end video but without commentary will not necessarily be eligible for this award (short clips for example).

Once these prizes are distributed, the entire remaining 8'000€ will be distributed by random draw among all the people who have completed the Challenge and handed in their complete results, in smaller prizes of 40 or 50€.

🏅 Random Prices

● A 50€ voucher in the Eric Flag
store ● OR a 40€ voucher at MyProtein

Example of prize distribution for 30 selected transformations in video:

► 30 Video selections and prizes of €150 - €4,500 total
► 46 random prizes of €50 at Eric Flag - €2,300 total
► 30 random prizes of €40 at MyProtein - €1,200 total

In this example, the €8,000 in prizes are divided among 106 winners!


The Boutique Eric Flag is my own growing brand ofequipment andaccessories dedicated to Street Workout and Bodyweight Training. I also offer completeprograms to reach your goals -

MyProtein is one of the biggest European dietary supplement brands and also offers a range of sportswear. I am part of their Ambassador Team since August 2019 -

How do I sign up? 😃

Until Sunday, April 25, 2021, 11:59 pm, the registration form is open. It asks for several mandatory starting information (current weight and waist measurements, video of your current physical condition with proof of date) as well as other optional information, but which will help us both to better evaluate your transformation (other measurements, current performance, goals for this Challenge, state of mind, etc...).

No headache to register, I have prepared a little video in which I guide you to take measurements & video, as well as to fill out the form!

Video Guide to the Challenge

Please note that nothing will be uploaded from my side. It is your responsibility to fill out the form correctly and to keep all your information and video files (hosted online and on your computer/phone), as they will all be requested again when you submit your results for comparison. You will also receive a copy of the submitted form by email.

The Challenge Calendar 📅

April 5 to April 25, 11:59pm - Sign-ups open via the form!
April 5 to June 20 - Time for the Challenge and transformations. You have up to 11 weeks if you sign up early!
June 14 to 20 - Time to wrap up the Challenge and send me your results. You have one week and until June 20 - 23:59, to send me back the form that I will send by email and on the Facebook Group!
Beginning of September - Youtube video of the end of the Challenge and presentation of the selected transformations

Challenge Resources 📈

🔸 F reePrograms & Tools
- Homemade Transformation Program
- Bodyweight Exercise Directory
- Excel Calorie and Macronutrient Calculator

🔹 Premium Programs
- Street Workout Evolution
- Dry Intensive

🍕 Youtube Nutrition Videos
- How to Calculate Your Calories & Macronutrients
- How to Limit Body Waste in Confinement
- Guide to Muscle Gaining Nutrition
- The Intermittent Fasting Guide
- 3 Tools to Always Succeed in Drying/Muscle Gaining
- My 10 Week Transformation + Drying Tips
- Shopping for Your Transformation
- A Complete Dry Day

🏆 Youtube Workout Videos
- Home routines to follow in real time
- Guide to Muscle Gaining Work outs
- Guide to Training with Elastic Bands
- Complete Home Workout Routine
- How to Progress Very Fast at Bodyweight
- How to Start Street Workout and Build Bodyweight
- How to Train at Home with or without Equipment
- Push Workout Routine
- Pull Workout Routine
- Figures & How to Progress in SW

F.A.Q. ❓

► I am a minor, can I still participate in the Challenge?

Yes, but for obvious liability reasons, you need to get the approval of one of your representatives, probably your parents.

If you are selected to appear in the results video, I will first contact you and ask you to send me a signed note from them stating that they have read the terms and conditions of the Challenge and allow you to appear on my YouTube channel.

► What are the selection criteria for the video?

The transformations selected will be those deemed to be the most inspiring. It could be a purely physical transformation that is impressive on the Before/After videos, a remarkable performance improvement, a heartfelt and touching mental transformation story, or a combination of all of these.

The Transformation Challenge is a competition against yourself first and foremost. The best thing to do is to take it to heart and do your best to get closer to your own goals. A selection for the video will just be the icing on the cake 😊

► What if I don't want to show my face?

I will never share a video/photo with your face on it without asking your permission first, which will consist of a box to check or not check on the results forms. I will definitely blur the face of every person who wants it and is selected for the video.

You can also do it yourself beforehand, as long as it is obvious that the "Before and After" videos are from the same person.

► Am I required to use one of your programs/videos to participate?

Absolutely not! Participation is 100% free for everyone and everyone is free to transform themselves in the way they prefer.

Everything I offer is just there to help further, like my free Homemade Transformation Program, my Youtube videos, my Calorie & Macronutrient Calculator as well as my other Dry and Street Workout Programs! 😃

Rules of participation 

† By registering for the Transformation Challenge 2021 (hereinafter: "Challenge"), by Eric Flag (hereinafter: "Organizer"), you agree to be fully aware and conscious of these rules, warnings and conditions of entry and you accept them.

Participation in the Challenge is open to any natural person aged 18 (eighteen) or older, or any natural person who provides a certificate from his or her legal representative.

Once the June 14-20, 2021 results submission period is over, Organizer will analyze the entries and select in its sole discretion which transformations will be selected to appear in the Challenge's ending video and thus be eligible to receive a prize.

Prizes will be awarded to all individuals featured in the Challenge's closing video and commented on by the Organizer. The Organizer reserves the right, at its sole discretion, not to award prizes to any transformation in the video that is not commented on and/or of which only a short excerpt is presented, such as a video testimonial. Additional prizes will be awarded by random draw among all participants who have submitted their results in full and on time.

The Organizer reserves all rights to all Challenge entries and may use all information, photos and videos submitted for any marketing and sales materials, communications and promotions, at its sole discretion. The Organizer agrees never to disclose, share or sell participants' personal information without their prior consent.

By entering the Challenge, you are not guaranteed any material, monetary or other prize and the Organizer may modify, add or remove any portion of these rules, disclaimers and entry requirements at any time.

By registering for the Challenge, you acknowledge that you have read these rules, warnings and conditions of entry, that you understand them and that you accept them.

Limitation of Liability

The information provided by the Organizer in the context of the Challenge is for information purposes only. The Organizer is not a physician and the information provided in the Challenge is not to be taken as medical advice.

The Challenge is intended for healthy individuals only. All persons should consult their physician in advance to ensure that participation in the Challenge is appropriate for their individual circumstances. In case of pre-existing health problems, please consult a physician before applying any information provided in the Challenge.

The Organizer accepts no responsibility for any incident or accident as well as any damage, real or perceived, resulting from participation in the Challenge or from the use of the information provided in the context of the Challenge.

By registering for the Challenge, you acknowledge that you are aware of this limitation of liability, you acknowledge that you understand it and you accept it.