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Easily get the Straddle Plank in Street Workout

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After writing an article on how to get the flag, the Front Lever or even managing to hold in Handstand, we are going to approach another mythical figure of Street Workout: the Straddle Board.

straddle boardStraddle Plank on the Elevation Bars

In this article, we will discuss the prerequisites to have to achieve this figure as well as possible, we will also see the best workout structure possible, the alternatives, equipment to have or the technical for limit injuries

Let's go, let's go! 🔥


For board prerequisites, it's best to hold 12 to 15 seconds the Tuck Plank, it will be essential on the one hand for your muscles which will get used to this position but also for the perception of your body in space. 

Have a good handstand et Back Sunrise It will help you a lot, it will strengthen your elbows and teach you to put them in the right direction.

Finally, having strong and flexible cuffs will be essential for obtaining this figure, we do not want the wrists to limit our performance.


Before attacking the Straddle Planche, we advise you towarm up properly your shoulders, your elbows and your wrists because they will be strongly under tension during the effort. 

You can perform scapular push-ups, classic push-ups, pull-ups, Handstands or even Tuck Planks. 

That's it, you're ready to start! 💪


If you are a beginner, several steps will be important to follow. 

Before each level, we recommend that you think about place your hands outward to avoid putting too much stress on them.

To go from one level to another, you can film yourself to check that the position is perfect. Let's go ! 

1 level: 

In a squatting position, you have to put your hands on parallettes and come place the knees at the same height as the elbows, the arms must of course be stretched. In order to have a better center of gravity it will be necessary move the shoulders slightly forward.

As the repetitions progress, you will be able to hold on longer and find your benchmarks more easily.

 2 level: 

We will have to do the same by removing this time the support of the knees, the legs must be inside the arms. You will notice that the difficulty will be felt but do not panic, you will have to get used to it and repeat the movement as much as possible. The plank is one of the toughest street workout exercises out there, so you'll be proud of yourself as you go through the stages. 

The goal will be to increase the thigh/bust angle, the idea is to separate the thighs as much as possible from the bust to end up at 90° in the end. 

straddle board

 3 level:

Once step 2 is well consolidated, the goal of this level will be to to spread your thighs when you find yourself at 90°. Try to hold this position as long as possible and you will be ready for the last step. 

For levels 3 and 4, it is possible to use an elastic band to place on your pelvis to stay in levitation and have a preview of the final result. 

 4 level:

You are almost there! Now you will have to spread her legs and stretch them out at most.  

This step is difficult but there is no reason not to get there, the more you repeat the movement, the greater your progress will be to reach the ultimate step: get your full plank.   

straddle assisted boardStraddle Board with elastic band 



During the realization of the plank, the hands will be subjected to a strong tension. This is why we recommend using low parallettes ou tall in order to relieve, this will depend on your preferences.

Whether you have fragile wrists or not, this equipment will be of great importance. It is not very pleasant to put your hands on the ground, the ground can be cold or hot depending on the season or simply dirty.   


Exercise 1 : 

We start training with the most difficult: 4 sets of your max time. You can start lifting the board via the floor or the handstand. We advise you to descend from the handstand, it is a better way to enter the Straddle more gradually with better form.  

Exercise 2 : 

We now move on to the Tuck Plank Push Ups with 3 sets of your max. Alternating between isometric, negative work and work with outstretched/bent arms allows you to work efficiently and be as complete as possible. 

Remember to note on your phone the number of repetitions on each series to want to do more the next time! 

Exercise 3 : 

In the third exercise: the Back Sunrise, do 2 sets of your max repetitions, if you are very comfortable you can do it with 1 arm but do not advise you first of all to be strong enough with 2 arms. 

You can film yourself to see your execution and perfect it if it is not good. For information the back should not be dug and your whole body should be sheathed. 


Exercise 4 : 

We start again on max Tuck Plank, we will want to give everything and work on our minds. Your goal will be to achieve 45 to 60 seconds of Tuck Planche on all of your cumulative sets. If it takes you 6 or 7 sets, you won't have to stop until you reach your defined goal.   

Exercise 5 : 

Finally to end, the Facing Wall HSPU is a great exercise for training your shoulders. You can do 2-3 sets of your rep max. 

You now have the routine to get and improve your Straddle Plank, all you have to do is apply it. 



To limit injuries, have adequate material like parallettes will be important because it will limit the tension on your joints

Strengthening your flexors and extensors is a good way to avoid injury, you can incorporate exercises into your routine like push-ups on the back of the hands, working on your false grip with pull-ups or slow muscle up. Finally, it is possible to use an elastic band to extend your wrists. 

That's all for this article dedicated to the Straddle Board. 

I hope you will enjoy it! Do not hesitate to take a look at our shop in order to best equip you in the quest for this emblematic figure of street workout. 

To find my video on this subject: it's here

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