Liquid Chalk
Liquid Chalk
Liquid Chalk
Liquid Chalk
Liquid Chalk
Liquid Chalk - Eric Flag
Liquid Chalk - Eric Flag

Liquid Chalk

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The best liquid chalk, in the best bottle, for a maximum grip during your sessions.

- Keeps your hands dry.
- Drop-resistant bottle.
- Stopper designed to prevent magnesia from clogging the opening.

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Practical, clean and efficient: Our 200 ml liquid chalk keeps your hands dry during intense sessions where perspiration tends to make them sweaty and slippery. Don't be limited by your grip during your sessions!

Economical formula: a few drops of liquid chalk are enough for each training session or sport requiring dry hands, each bottle will last several months.

Bottle specially designed to resist falls and specifically developed to avoid clogging of the cap by magnesia accumulation!

Approved by top athletes: Our liquid chalk has anti-perspirant properties to avoid sweaty hands during your sports sessions. Having a good grip is essential in a large number of sports: street workout, crossfit, weight training, pole dancing, gymnastics or climbing. Liquid Chalk is designed to improve your grip throughout each of your workouts!

Liquid Chalk

A super-powerful grip.

Keep your hands dry with our liquid chalk and its healthy formula based on natural products.

Customer Reviews

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Anthony Lefevre

Liquid Chalk

Magnesia drying out in the bottle

The magnesium dries on the inside, making it impossible to use after a while.

Anaïs Antonius

Liquid Chalk

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