# 15 - How To Combine Passion, Sport & Studies In Your Life, with Mathias

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Episode 15 - Mathias is a Swiss Youtuber in personal development, a professional Volleyball player, while studying at university and maintaining a social life at the same time. Before all that, he's also a very good friend of mine. In this episode, we retrace his career and how he manages his daily life. We discuss: 

  • How he started his first Youtube channel at age 14 before deleting it after repeated teasing, then finally starting from scratch again having to fight for years for any result.
  • How he found the subjects and formats he does today, despite an impostor syndrome that was very present at the start.
  • How he has managed to juggle for 6 years between videos (his passion), his obligations as a professional Volleyball player and his university studies and how this has impacted his relationship with those close to him.
  • His best tips for creating a little flame that wakes us up every morning and for cultivating a mentality of hard work every day. 

Good listening ! 😃

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