# 12 - The Choice between Suffering and Taking Advantage of a Situation

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Episode 12 - We are all regularly confronted with obligations that leave us no other choice than to reluctantly put time and effort into them. Sometimes it's the story of 15 minutes, sometimes it's the story of a lifetime of 35+ hours per week ... 

In this episode, I tell you about two specific periods of my life during which I suffered a lot from my obligations: high school and Swiss military service. 

But above all, I will come to the precise moment when everything has changed in my head and in my life, because in the space of a very short time, I have completely turned my way of seeing these painful obligations, so as to get the best possible benefit in spite of them. 

This moment marked the birth of a mentality that I subsequently cultivated a lot and which in turn returned it to me extremely well.

Good listening ! 😃


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