Strength belt: Why use one?

Strength belt: Why use one?

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After writing an article on the benefits of ballasting with a vest or a belt, we are going to devote ourselves to equipment that is increasingly found in the gym and which can become a an essential for your next sports sessions: the strength belt

If you don't know what are the benefits to use one or that you don't know for which activities how to use it optimiser your performance, we will answer all these questions in this article. 

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What is a strength belt? 

strength belt

A strength belt is sports equipment that ties around the waist and is used for support et maintain the lower back as well as the abdominal belt during weight training exercises requiring heavy loads or for decrease et prevent pain

The benefits of a strength belt

Use a powerlifting belt is very useful if you want gain strength and power and/or if you wish to obtain a better posture on strength exercises. It will allow you to feel better and to go deeper into yourself to explode your PR (Personal Record). 

La strength belt is mainly used for exercises that require heavy pushing such as squatting, deadlift and the snatch et clean and jerk. These exercises require having a excellent sheathing, pushing or pulling heavy loads, it may not be optimal, which can create tension or pain. 

strength belt

For some sports practitioners, the lumbar strength belt helps them to focus on their movements rather than their pain or fatigue.

How and when to use a strength belt? 

The belt is generally used by practitioners of muscles, crossfit, weightlifting or of powerlifting. When you are in a quest for performance, you have to take care of your body and your health, which is why the belt will play a protective role and will allow you to surpass

To get the best out of it, you will have to exert intra-abdominal pressure during the movement, that is to say, push the belly outwards. This intra-muscular pressure will allow stabilize the body and it just goes increase strength and power during exertion. 

A word of advice: remember to inhale well through your nose and try to expand the air as much as possible in your stomach. Then block it all out and make your move.

Don't be dependent on a belt

Excessive use of a weightlifting belt can lead to addiction and loss of strength in the abdominal and back muscles because they are no longer forced to work during training. It is therefore important to find a good balance between use with and without. It is necessary to naturally strengthen the abdominal strap and the lower back in order to avoid injuries, so we advise you to use the belt only when you feel the need.

The placement of the belt 

The other very important point will be the placement of this belt because if it is installed incorrectly, there will not be the expected benefits.

It must be placed at the level of the abdominal belt (you can take the navel as a reference or slightly above, this will depend on your preferences) and tighten it to 85-90%. You must not be too compressed and you must be able to pass a few fingers without being able to pass the hand entirely.

placement strength belt

If you want to see the placement of the latter on video, it's just here

Choose a good strength belt

We advise you to choose a belt solid, thick who is easily adjust according to your morphology to avoid wasting time between each series. The main one will be back support and lumbar

The Eric Flag strength belt offers the best features: solid, easily adjustable, 4 different sizes to choose the most suitable for you, high quality nylon

strength belt features

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