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Readings & Recommendations

On this page you will find the regularly updated list of my past readings (in no specific order), present and planned, with a short sentence from me to clarify what I thought of them and to whom I would recommend them. I hope it can make you want to dive into it! 😊

I read the majority of my books in English, but I also put a link to the FR version when it exists. I also listen to some books in audio book on Audible (1st book 100% free!).

I tell you about my own reading habits (when, what, why ...) in the 2nd half from this podcast episode.

Current Reading

Chris Voss- Never Split the Difference / Never cut the pear in half
I am in the first third, and already many small victories and "techniques" applicable immediately in our daily negotiations. I even took careful notes on several pages, can't wait to finish! :) 

Completed & Recommended Readings

Sport & Nutrition

Steven Low- Overcoming Gravity
The Bodybuilding and Gymnastics Bible, excellent for learning more about all aspects of training (exercises, programming, injuries, etc ...).

Julien Venesson- Strength Nutrition
I don't know them all, but it is certainly one of the best French books on bodybuilding nutrition, highly recommended for beginners in the field.

Kelly Starrett- Becoming a Supple Leopard / French version
The Bible of mobility and flexibility, whether it is to understand and treat everyday pains or to relax for one's sport, I recommend.

Paul Wade- Convict Conditioning 1 / Inmate Training 1
Of the very first bodyweight weight training books I read, I absolutely loved them! The 1st book talks about basic to intermediate movements (push-ups, pull-ups, leg raises, squats, bridges, hspu), the 2nd book (French version) attacks other parts of the body and figures, such as the Flag or neck training, and the 3nd book (French version) tackles a lot of explosive movements, like Muscle Up, Backflip, Kip Up. I recommend to beginners & enthusiasts of Street Workout!

Personal development

James Clear- Atomic Habits / A nothing can change everything
A truly excellent book on what, along with your entourage and your environment, almost entirely defines who you are and will become: your habits. Concrete, applicable, well written and referenced, I recommend to everyone!

Cal Newport- deep work / French version
An inspiring book that is particularly useful for students, creators, writers, as well as those looking to get more out of their "work" hours than simply contributing to the mass of emails sent each day.

Greg McKeown- Essentialism / Essentialism
The purpose of this book is to help move lots of small efforts in all directions at the same time, which is equivalent to staying put, to the sum of all these efforts concentrated in the same direction, the most essential. It presents concepts similar to the book above, also comes close to minimalism, in short, I liked it a lot.

Robert Cialdini- Influence, the psychology of persuasion / Influence and Manipulation
An excellent reference for learning to use the irresistible systems of influence (and to defend themselves against them) that affect us on a daily basis in our personal and professional relationships.

Dale Carnegie- How to Win Friends and Influence People / How to make friends
Similar to the previous book, this one focuses more on personal relationships and gives some really excellent advice on gaining friendship and respect (and much more ...) from those around you. To read once in full, highlighting the essential, then reread these notes regularly :)

Grant Cardone- Be Obsessed or Be Average / When obsession rhymes with passion
This book clicked for me right before I got started on YouTube. Finally, I had "permission" to give free rein to my obsessive passion without listening to those who would have instead designated it as something negative. I highly recommend the audiobook in English narrated by the author which multiplies the impact of the message even more!

Mark Manson- The Subtle Art of Not Giving and F * ck / The Subtle Art of F * utre
Short and very interesting personal development book that explains without joke how to cultivate a mentality that has resonated with me for a long time! He also talks about our relationship with death at the very end, which has really intrigued me to delve more into this topic in the future.

Steven Pressfield- The War of Art
A brilliant book for all creators and all those who are familiar with this force (the Resistance, as the author calls it), which pushes us to always delay everything, not to get started, to find excuses not to not create, etc. This book helps tame it :)

Gary Keller- The One Thing / French version
How to find and focus on the one priority thing that will make all the others easier or unnecessary.

Jordan B. Peterson- 12 Rules for Life / 12 rules for a life
An extremely interesting psychology book, although on the details of some concepts, I found the reading not always easy (in English anyway).

Stephen R. Covey- The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People / The 7 Habits of Those Who Succeed in Everything They Do
Not a book as short and concise as it could have been without beating too much around the bush, it's still packed with great advice that stays in mind and is worth a quick read.

Robert Greene- mastery / Achieve Excellence
The author looks back on the lives of the great geniuses whose names we all still know today to help us understand how they made their names. Small hint: it's more a story of work than talent. I recommend, it's very inspiring :)

Frederic Lenoir - The Power of Joy
A small, pleasant and quick to read book which mixes psychology, philosophy and spirituality on this emotion quite distinct from others such as pleasure or happiness and which helps us to tame it.

Frederic Lenoir - Happiness, a philosophical journey
In the same style as the previous one, this book clearly gave me several avenues for further thinking about happiness and all the questions we often ask ourselves about it :)

Eckart Tolle- The Power of Now / The Power of the Now Moment
A book to read with intention that will allow you to more often and better connect with what is happening now, rather than spending your life rehashing the past and projecting yourself into the future. I also listened to it as an audiobook in English, which makes it even more "spiritual" :)

Entrepreneurship, Marketing & Content Creation

Tim Ferriss- The 4-Hour Work Week / The 4 hour week
A classic of internet entrepreneurship and automation that is made possible for a lot of things. A must read if you hesitate to start, it also puts ideas in place on the fears that prevent us from taking the first step :)

Stan Leloup- Your Empire In a Backpack
Youtuber Marketing that I really appreciate, just like his podcast (Marketing Mania), which in this book lays the psychological foundations to understand as well as the first important steps to launch a successful internet business.

Michael E. Gerber- The E-Myth Revisited / French version
This book is really excellent for anyone who wants to get started in entrepreneurship and build their business, even more so in the sale of goods and services, because it provides a precise structure to follow in addition to the right mindset to adopt.

Gary Vaynerchuk - Crushing it / Break up the house
How anyone, from plumber to influencer, can (and should?) Use social media for their business. Appreciating Gary a lot, his way of thinking and his content on YouTube in general, I really liked this book, which inevitably targeted me well at the beginning;)

Gary Vaynerchuk - Jab Jab Jab, Right Hook
Still in the vein of success on social networks (and by extension in my opinion: in life in general), this book hammers out an extremely important point that resonates a lot with me: you have to give, give and more give before even thinking of asking, or someone wants to give it back to us spontaneously.

Gary Vaynerchuk - #AskGaryVee
A Best-Of of Gary Vee's Q&A on Leadership, Entrepreneurship, Social Media and more.

Seth Godin- This Is Marketing / This is marketing
A guide to the difference between bad marketing (intrusive advertising and spam) and good, based on trust and permission. Excellent read that I highly recommend to anyone with any project :)
I also listen diligently and recommend Seth Godin's podcast: "Akimbo"

Seth Godin- the dip / The dip
A quick to read and very interesting little book about the period of the "dip", that is to say the moment when, after the initial excitement, we find ourselves in the hard in our brand new project, and that we wonder if we should redouble our efforts or give up.

Seth Godin- Purple Cow / The Purple Cow
A book full of interesting tips on how to make yourself impossible not to notice, which is more and more essential when looking to start a new project these days.

Pat Flynn- Superfans
An interesting book for content creators, businesses, and anyone who has an audience or is selling something. We discover effective strategies to create an increasingly strong relationship with certain people in our community.

On my list for the future

Books that I already have and which are thus ready to be read, without knowing yet in what order :)

Steven Low- Overcoming Poor Posture & Overcoming Tendonitis
I will quickly tackle these books intended to better understand and tame bad postures and "tendonitis", in order to better be able to implement this in myself as well as in my advice to others :)

Victor Ferry- 12 Rhetoric Lessons to Take Power
This Youtuber passionate about rhetoric clearly made me want to work on my way of delivering my messages with his very good videos (and to support him at the same time).

Scott Harrison- Thirst
A book about the author's chaotic life course, until he ended up founding one of the largest and most respected associations, Charity: water, an organization that I have personally supported for a long time and which aims to provide drinking water for those who need it. Can't wait to read it.

Yuval Noah Harari - Sapiens / French version
A book popularly acclaimed as highly suitable for those looking for an easy first read to learn more about the history of mankind.

Robert Cialdini- pre-suasion / Pre-suasion
After his awesome book Influence, we are entitled to a second volume which deals with the preliminary stages of influence. Apparently clearly below the first book, it still seems to hold some new nuggets.

Seth Godin- The Practice
His latest book which talks about content creation and how and why to cultivate regular and sustained creation rather than too perfectionist and thus never good enough to be shared with the world.

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