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Weight adjustment:

To add the weights

You have to start by inserting them through the bottom pockets. A few centimeters separate the top and bottom pockets. If you start by adding the weights from the top, insertion from the bottom will be impossible.

To remove them

You must therefore do the opposite, start with the top ones to free up access and be able to remove the weights from the bottom pockets. 


We recommend that you load the weights in a balanced and symmetrical way between the front and the back, as well as between the left and the right side of the vest.

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Technical specifications

10 kg vest: 0.6 kg empty, 8 pockets that hold 8 weights of 1.2 kg.

20 kg vest: 0.9 kg empty, 16 pockets that hold 16 weights of 1.2 kg.

Due to manufacturing conditions, a variation of up to +2% of the actual weight from the advertised weight is possible.
So you might receive a vest that is a few hundred grams heavier than the advertised weight.
Better more ballast than not enough 🙂

It's time to outdo yourself!