# 14 - You're Not Always The Hero

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Episode 14 - It's your turn to speak, and ask me a dozen very relevant questions about personal development, our relationship with ourselves and others, as well as content creation. We discuss:

  • How to deal with loved ones who complain too much and are a negative influence on them and others, how to make them want to become more than they are.
  • The relationship between procrastination, necessary rest and creativity.
  • How to dare and succeed in getting started, in creating something and coming out of the shadows with it.
  • How I divide things between what I want and what my audience wants, with my vision for the future.
  • How to juggle your passions and interests when looking to improve everywhere.
  • How to present it when trying to get something from someone.

As usual, I take all your comments about the episode below :)

Good listening ! 😃


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