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Article: #15 - How to Combine Passion, Sport & Studies in Your Life, with Mathias

#15 - How to combine Passion, Sport & Studies in your Life, with Mathias

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Episode 15 - Mathias is a Swiss Youtuber in personal development, a professional Volleyball player, while following university studies and maintaining a social life in parallel. Above all, he is also a very good friend of mine. In this episode, we trace his journey and how he manages his daily life. We discuss: 

  • How he started his first Youtube channel at 14 before deleting it due to repeated mockery, and then finally starting over again from scratch, having to fight for years for any result.
  • How he found the subjects and formats he does today, despite an imposter syndrome that was present at the beginning.
  • How he manages to juggle for the last 6 years between videos (his passion), his obligations as a professional volleyball player and his university studies and how it has impacted his relationship with his family.
  • His best tips for creating a little flame that wakes us up every morning and cultivating a hard-working mentality every day. 

Enjoy your listening! 😃

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