# 11 - From Director and Athlete to Youtuber and Ninja, with Clément Dumais

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Episode 11 - I have the pleasure of chatting with Clément Dumais, from the Hit The Road Youtube channel (600k), on which he shares exploration, urban climbing and parkour videos. Clement is also known for having successfully participated in all seasons of the Ninja Warrior TV show. We tackle together:

  • How his job, his sport (Parkour) and his group of passionate friends led him on Youtube
  • His process of creating videos from the idea to the end of the editing, with Paul, his childhood friend with whom he shares a lot of things, including their Youtube channel
  • How does it happen or try to separate work from all the rest of social and sporting life
  • His relationship with television, as well as all his participations in Ninja Warrior
  • The business they have behind their Youtube channel as a duo, how they make a living thanks to them, as well as their future projects

Good listening ! 😃

► Find Clément on his Hit The Road Youtube channel and on his Instagram


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