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Article: Parallettes de Street Workout : Le Guide Complet

Parallettes de Street Workout : Le Guide Complet

Hello everyone!

Welcome to a new article dedicated to a leading piece of equipment in the field of Street Workout and Callisthenics: the parallettes.

After having produced the ultimate guide to elastic bands, we're now bringing you the ultimate guide to Street Workout parallettes. An exclusive program awaits you at the end of this article! 💪

In this article, we'll be covering: 
1 - The role and benefits of parallettes
2 - The different exercises
3 - How to choose the right parallettes
4 - Tips for avoiding injuries
5 - Exclusive circuit

Let's go! 🔥

The role and benefits of parallettes

Many people may wonder what the purpose of parallettes is, so we're going to explain in detail the importance of this calisthenics equipment. These small parallel bars can be used for a wide range of exercises: handstand push-ups, L-sit, V-sit... We'll go into more detail in a later section.

This makes it possible to target different muscle groups: pectorals, triceps and shoulders . In addition to improving your skills, parallettes help you build an athletic body and pushyourself to the limit.

Range of motion: Parallettes enable a greater range of movement, particularly for exercises such as dips or push-ups. This increased amplitude leads to deeper stretching and stronger contraction of muscles, which can help increase strength and flexibility.

The parallettes will help you progress in a number of ways. Firstly, you'll gain muscle in the upper part of your body, and you'll also become more powerful. This can be explained by the greater amplitude of movement, since the parallettes are elevated. Joint flexibility and mobility can also be improved.

This street workout equipment is ideal for protecting the wrists. During movements such as push-ups or the handstand, they are put to great use. Thanks to the parallettes, the wrists will be in the same axis as the arms, which will not only improve balance but also reduce stress on this part of the body. It's an excellent piece of equipment for making progress and avoiding injury!

Finally, parallettes help you to progress further and move on to the next level. Advanced tricks such as the handstand or the L-sit will no longer hold any secrets for you. What's more, they're lightweight and portable, so you can take them with you wherever you go.

The different exercises.

Parallettes allow you to perform a huge number of bodyweight exercises, here's our list of the best exercises with the muscles they target to become a real war machine : 

  • Push-ups - Muscles exercised: pectorals and triceps.
parallel pumps
  • Dips - Muscles involved chest and triceps
parallette dips
  • L-Sit & V-Sit - Muscles exercised: abdominals, hip flexors and triceps.
v-sit parallettes
  • Tuck & Straddle Plank - Muscles exercised: shoulders, abdominals, forearms and glutes. 
straddle planche
  • Handstand and Handstand Push-up - Muscles exercised: triceps, shoulders, trapezius.
hanstand parallettes
  • Pike Push-ups - Muscles exercised: deltoids, triceps, upper trapezius and upper pectorals.
pike push-up parallettes
  • Frogstand - Muscles exercised: shoulders, triceps and forearms.

Frogstand parallettes

    These exercises will help you improve a number of areas: 
    • Strength
    • Stability
    • Mobility
    • Body balance

    How to choose the right parallettes


    There are different types: wooden wooden parallettes or steel parallettes. The choice depends on a number of factors and the user's preferences. Let's take a look at some of the most important criteria for choosing the right parallettes.

    As far as material is concerned, wooden parallettes offer a natural grip, and are known for combining solidity, longevity and aesthetic appeal.

    Steel parallettes are also very sturdy and durable, and are generally taller than wooden ones.

    Ideal parallet dimensions

    Height is very important, as it determines the exercises that cannot be performed on the parallette. High parallettes are better suited to dips, V-sit and L-sit. Low parallettes are better suited to push-ups and for people who prefer to be closer to the ground, especially when performing handstand.

    The diameter should be between 4 and 4.5cm. This is the diameter used in Street Workout parks.

    Stability and grip

    Stability is surely the most important factor for these bars, as a fall can quickly happen if the parallette is not properly anchored in the ground. Anti-slip pads must therefore be placed on or under the feet of the parallel bars to ensure maximum grip and stability

    Parallel bar design

    Finally, design is a plus, but it can also be a factor. Having parallettes with beautiful branding will make you want to train and push yourself even harder. 

    Tips to avoid injury

    When you train on parallettes, your muscles and joints will be put to the test, so before you start each exercise, we advise you to warm up properly. For this, you can use elastic bands, which are the most suitable equipment for avoiding injury. If you don't have any equipment, you can also do wrist and shoulder rolls or elbow flexions/extensions. Here's a video to help you warm up before your workout.

    Program with parallettes

    Here's an exclusive circuit we've prepared for you to become a machine on the street workout parallettes. It can be performed with high or low parallettes at home, outdoors or in the gym.

    Feel free to save the image on your phone.

    Let's go ! 
    parallettes circuit
    We've selected 4 exercises that will give your upper body the best possible workout. The 1st exercise will be either dips or push-ups, we recommend opting for dips if you have high parallettes and push-ups if you have low parallettes.

    For dips/push-ups and the pike push-up, if you easily reach 15 reps, we recommend aiming for 80% of your maximum number of reps. Going to failure is not ideal for these exercises, as you'll then have to repeat the circuit 6 or 8 times. So don't burn out too quickly...

    For the L-SIT and Handstand, try to do more than the previous time, while remaining well sheathed and with a very clean execution.

    That's all for this article, I hope you enjoyed it 😄

    If you want to equip yourself with high-quality equipment to progress and excel, it's all on our street workout store 🔥

    Feel free to leave a comment below this article, we'd love to hear from you. If you have any questions about our parallettes, you can write to us at:

    See you soon!

    Eric Flag

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