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# 24 - The Immense Power Of The Cold Shower

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Episode 24 - 2 years ago, I took my first voluntary cold shower and since then I had time to learn as much as possible about what they can bring me, I had time to stop then to start taking them again, and I had time to push the experience of the cold much closer to its extremes. 

In this episode, I first retrace my personal journey and my relationship with the cold of the past 2 years, with its ups and downs (it ends well, don't worry haha). 

Next, I go over all the attributed benefits and what I think about them, as well as the full list of all the real and concrete pros and cons for me that I have been able to observe so far. 

As mentioned in this episode, on March 29, a video will be released on my YouTube channel that traces the last 4 months in which I was confronted with the freezing cold of nature. A video not to be missed 😉 

Good listening ! 😃 


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1 Answer



March 26., 2022

Hello Eric I am contacting you regarding your question of why it is good or not so good to take cold showers or cold baths and well from my experience it is a bit like everything if you only take cold showers to get well it's simply not going to be enough because despite the fact that we are all broken down into small pieces social life food family sport leisure in short, but no, we are a globality and it is the globality that must being in balance so that it works if you have a good diet only but you are locked in a box it will do nothing to me and the same for all the other mental physiological activities activities but if we ever manage to manage to balance all our domains and I mean all these areas and yes indeed for the cold it is a very important point because it takes us out of our comfort zone in relation to the physiological.
The thing is that we don't necessarily have the patience or the idea for all areas and we have blockages or concerns.. and it's true that selling a technique by saying that it's miraculous is is absolutely false it's only biz if we don't take everything else into account despite that all the people who are precursors and who balance for the others are very interesting but after that we really have to see each one what we have to rebalance To achieve this famous well-being that we are all looking for this total kif kif kif which is absolutely not easy to obtain
Good for the rest I think you're a super nice guy and I see that you're going your way like everyone else and especially especially from the height of my great age... never stop keep following your heart to do what makes you happy
if I can advise you one thing it's that breathing is a very very very important thing in addition to all the activities whether it's sporting challenges Trials of life in short all life to know that we are a very very efficient carcass but which must always be ventilated correctly to be at the maximum of its performance well come on I'll stop there so I follow you on your videos I like you as you say young people and I'll tell you everything soon
ps I'm adding a little thing because I'm listening to your podcast at the same time... when you were sick in 2020 I believe your angina is in fact an elimination of toxins from your body regardless of the disease it's very very beneficial it's not a mistake along the way, I mean the body also expresses itself through this mode of saying now, stop, I have to do something, that is to say, get rid of certain things that bother me….

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