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Discover all the figures in Street-Workout, from the easy to the impossible!

Welcome to this article that will be worth your time. You will now discover all the figures of the Street Workout

Sport is a complete escape from life 

Francois Hertel

After a good dose of thought and work, here is the second part of the article START STREET WORKOUT in which we touched on the overall muscle building that is necessary when you want to start this sport. After having read the basic exercises, it is therefore time to move on, and the rest is now! 

Remember that if you prefer, you can directly watch the video about it

It is true that when you want to start the Street Workout, you rather want to learn to make front lever and flags rather than push-ups and pull-ups. We will try to quench your thirst in this article broken down into three big parts.

This first article will first introduce you to the figures of Street Workout, or in any case about thirty of them, their characteristics, as well as a general order in which you should learn them. 

In the second part, all the progression methods at your disposal to progress until you obtain these figures and finally, lastly, how to structure your routines and your workouts so that you can learn these figures as quickly and efficiently as possible! 

Thus, we will give you two concrete examples of routine for several figures from which you can draw inspiration. 

So we start immediately with the first part of this article, the figures themselves! 

The figures were divided into 4 big categorys, 4 rows ou grids that you can reach. Let us also distinguish the figures pushing and pulling (push / pull) and if they require to have the arms stretched or bent since that will be useful for us for the continuation! 

On top of that, each of them is assigned a score in three different characteristics, which pretty much sums up either the difficulty of a trick or the strength, technical which also includes balance, and flexibility which also includes mobility. The higher a characteristic, the more difficult the figure and it is also generally depending on this that the order in which we present them to you has been determined.

The categories of figures: From the most accessible to the most difficult

The four categories are: 

  1. Mortals
  2. The Semi-Gods
  3. The Olympians
  4. The titans

Figures to start: The Mortals

Starting with the first category of mortals, first of all, the L-SIT, based mainly on flexibility is very important to lay some foundations for the figures to come. 

L-Sit / Square

Then, the SWEATER, or belly rise, is a great way to climb above a high bar at first.

Pull Over / Belly Rise

This exercise can be used in particular for the first BALANCED MUSCLE UP.

Muscle Up Balanced

At first, the technique to be learned will present a good challenge and will allow you to do muscle up without too much force, but then the less you use your legs and swing, the more strength will become predominant and the exercise difficult.

We go to ELBOW LEVER, an exercise that will also require a reasonable amount of force if you have the mobility to tuck your elbows into your stomach and understand how to play with balance.

Elbow Lever

We will now mention the affordable and well-balanced PISTOL SQUAT in motion where mobility and technique have an important part in the equation.

Pistol Squat

To conclude the category of mortals the famous HAND STAND, a very important element that I have already spoken about a lot. Technique and balance are the real determining points here because they really help reduce the need for strength when they are well developed.

If you want my opinion, the handstand should be the very first figure you decide to learn, although it might not be the first one you can do, it will teach you to be aware of your body in space and will help keep your body healthy. your shoulders that you will want to take care of. You can train it very often and then do it without much effort.

Handstand / Balance

Surpass yourself, become a Semi-God!

We now move on to the process of deification and to the second category, that of the Semi-Gods. So no, I am absolutely not exaggerating, like Hercules and his Twelve Labors, you have to prove your worth.

We attack first with push-ups on one hand where brute force will greatly reduce the technical requirements.

One hand pump

We then move on to the climb HANDSTAND EN FORCE (FOLDED), more and more difficult as we improve and slow down the execution.

Handstand in force (folded)

You can then rub the DRAGON FLAG, an exercise at first glance quite impressive and a good prerequisite for the forehead lift.

Dragon flag

We then find the V-SIT which will require a lot of flexibility and strength to be pushed further and further.


We then go to the SEMI-BOARD which looks like an Elbow Lever except that this time we replace the balance with force.

Semi Board

We finish with the HANDSTAND PUSH UPS which require both strength and control. Not easy to place them in the leaderboard, because the difficulty depends on your previous work on the Hand Stand, as well as on the depth at which you do them.

Handstand Push Ups

The Olympians of Street-Workout

Well done ! That's it, you are now in front of the gates of Mount Olympus on which you will be able to work to join the Olympian Gods! So, you are not going to start directly at the level of Zeus, but you will be able to join him at the top of this category.

We start directly with one of the most famous figures of street-workout, the BACK LEVER which will require a certain mobility and technique, in addition to the strength necessary to have a good form.

Back Sunrise

You could then tackle the MUSCLE UP IN FORCE (FALSE GRIP), where we really leave more room for technique.

Muscle Up in strength (false grip)

The technique, which we prefer to use to learn the ELBOW LEVER WITH ONE ARM which becomes simpler with more force but which can be almost entirely a matter of balance.

One-Armed Elbow Lever

Next, the HANDSTAND EN FORCE WITH TIGHT ARMS climb: then this one is quite special, because it can become very "easy" "from the moment you work to become very flexible.

Handstand in strength (arms outstretched)

We then arrive at what is probably the symbol of this sport, the most famous in the world: the FLAG.

Human Flag / Flag

We move on to the famous FRONT RISING, the figure that anyone who wants to do Street Workout and who respects himself wants to succeed in unlocking.

Front Lever

We then stop on another very balanced exercise, it is the case to say it: the HOLLOW BACK HAND STAND which will require you to have been complete in your training. It is possible to achieve it thanks to our Elevation Bars which are to be found on our shop.

Hollow Back Handstand

Then comes the time to rest one arm, especially during the BACK LIFT TO ONE ARM, a more technical figure than it may seem even if in the end pulling hard enough on your arm may be enough.

Back Lift with one arm

We continue afterwards with the powerful 90 ° pump / HANDSTAND PUSH UPS 90 ° which demonstrates the strength and technique necessary to master it.

90 ° Handstand Push Ups

We continue in the unilateral with the SINGLE ARM PULLING, which for once does not require much other than pure strength.

One-arm pull

Finally, you will be able to join Zeus by STRADDLE BOARD, a figure that will make you proud when you reach it. Note however that flexibility can help here.

If you want my opinion, everything we have seen so far is accessible to you and to everyone; it does not matter the basic size and weight, as long as you put a good work package of course.

That's it for the Olympians, welcome to the club, bravo! You can be proud of yourself, take it easy, you have earned it.

Straddle Board

The Titans or the impossible figures

If you want to go further, ok! In this case, it is possible, you still have a small evolution, due to the small number of people who will ever reach it in their life: Titans 

Like the Titan Atlas, the elite of this group, which I am not part of, seem able to separate themselves from the earth and control the gravity that affects us. Given my inability to demonstrate this, I asked @Sangohan_otz, French Champion and reigning Street-Workout World Champion, as well as his team of titans to review the latest figures in this category reserved for those who are willing to pay the price to get there. Do not hesitate to go follow them on Instagram if you ever want to see them more closely pushing the current limits of our bodies.


With all these exercises, you already have enough to do your hand a little with all these Street Workout figures.

I hope you enjoyed this article, to see the video about it, you can click here, see you soon! 

Eric Flag