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The unbeatable trio to make you gain strength at a reduced price!

👉 Develop your strength
👉 Become more powerful.

Power belt:
Boost your performance in complete safety!
The use of a strength belt allows you to gain strength and power on heavy exercises such as squats, deadlifts, snatches and clean and jerks. 

In order to make the best use of your belt, the objective is to exert intra-abdominal pressure during each of your movements, i.e. push the belt outwards with your belly.

Ballast belt:
Installation in seconds
: Quick installation of the weight belt thanks to just 2 carabiners. Don't waste time during your weight training or street workout! 

Surpass yourself! Weights are the best way to progress in bodyweight exercises such as pull-ups, dips and squats, for a powerful, aesthetically pleasing physique. The weighted belt won't let go until you do! Find out more about the benefits of weight training.

Liquid Magnesia:
Practical, clean and effective:
our liquid magnesia keeps your hands dry during intense sessions when perspiration tends to make them clammy and slippery!

Bottle specially designed to withstand drops and specifically developed to prevent clogging of the cap due to magnesia build-up!

STRENGTH Pack Sale price€54,00 Regular price€64,70