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Develop your skills and become a true athlete... at a price never seen before 🔥

👉 High-quality steel bars.
👉 Weigh yourself down and gain strength.
👉 Keep your hands dry during your session.

Dip bars:
Develop your triceps and pectorals: the essential equipment for dips, you can also work your abdominal muscles with leg raises.

The bars can support loads of up to 250 kg! 

Weight belt
To become a real machine: build muscle mass with our weight belt, which can support up to 180 kgs of load. Very comfortable and durable, it's just waiting for you! 

Liquid Chalk :
To get the most out of your effort: Don't be bothered by your hands sweating during exercise. Thanks to our magnesia, you'll get the best grip so you can give your all in every set.

NO LIMIT Pack Sale price€122,90 Regular price€149,70