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Transformation Challenge 2021 - Results

Transformation Challenge 2021 Results Video

The Challenge ran from April 5 to June 20, 2021. It is free and open to anyone willing to invest in transforming themselves physically and mentally, as well as offering themselves a chance to walk away with a share of the 8'000€ of prizes distributed in 2021 🔥

All the information about the Challenge can be found on the page of its launching

For this 3rd edition, 3'541 people registered and 918 reached the finish line.

Awarding of the Challenge prizes (8'000€)

The prize system for this edition was simple. The 8'000€ are composed of 5'000€ of prizes in the Eric Flag store and 3'000€ of prizes in MyProtein.

They were divided between the people selected for the youtube video and a draw among all participants who submitted their results for the remaining prizes.

ATTENTION: All emails containing prizes were sent on October 24, 2021 to the winners at the email address specified when they received their results

🥇 S elected Transformations in Video

A 90€ voucher in the Eric Flag
storeAND a 60€ voucher at MyProtein 

Here is the list of the 43 people who appeared in the video and who will leave with these two prizes worth 150€:

🏅 Random Prices

● One of 23 $50 vouchers in the Eric Flag
store ● OR one of 10 $40 vouchers at MyProtein

There were therefore 33 draws to distribute the remaining vouchers for a total of 8,000€ in prizes distributed.

The winners who leave with a 50€ voucher in the Boutique Eric Flag:

The winners who leave with a 40€ voucher at MyProtein:


All emails containing the prizes were sent on October 24, 2021 to the winners at the email address specified at the time of submission of their results

Thank you and congratulations again to all of you! See you in March/April 2022 for a 4th edition of the Transformation Challenge! 😃