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Article: #47 - Finding your sources of inspiration, inside and out

#47 - Finding Your Sources of Inspiration, Inside and Out

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Episode 47 - Sources of inspiration: we all have them, in different fields, more or less conscious, that push us to take action or that serve as models and materialization of what we are trying to achieve for ourselves.

I start by discussing external sources in different categories: Sport, Social, Pro & General, using my own sources as examples, then I end on one of the most important and powerful sources of inspiration: oneself, which can be done through the recognition and appreciation of one's own "Prize List".

Enjoy your listening! 😃


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Hello Eric, another excellent episode, I love to listen to you tell your life to your microphone ;) you were right to make us wait a week to recharge your batteries and make us a quality podcast. Fortunately (not always) that the famous "Flag" who impressed us so much "by the quality of his quantity" is no longer in your entourage (what is he doing anyway? Is he doing a billion push-ups challenge?). Continue, there are people who listen to you like me, your words are not scattered in the wind, lost like the urban noise, they are more like dandelion seeds that fly in the wind and give new plants with beautiful yellow crowns everywhere, like bubbles of positivity in this very negative world.


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