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Article: #10 - The self-confidence trigger

#10 - The Self-Confidence Trigger

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Episode 10 - How do you create the kind of self-confidence that allows you to break down all the mental barriers that hold you back on a daily basis? How do you redefine what is impossible for you and the limits you thought were ours?

In this episode, I tell you how I feel strongly that I have been able to do this for myself, thanks to my life experiences so far, as well as other ways to emulate this for yourself.

To tell you this, I go back to my joyful childhood, and then I go through my closed and difficult adolescence, which finally led me to want to work on myself in order to get out of it...

Enjoy your listening! 😃

The photo I tell you about in the episode, with 21 years old and 4 years of weight training under my belt on the left!🙃


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I've just discovered these podcasts, they're excellent, really interesting, and this one in particular; starting out in bodybuilding isn't often easy. What's more, they're a pleasure to listen to. Many thanks!


hahaha 4 ans de muscu :.D

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