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Article: The Best Equipment To Start Sport At Home!

The best equipment for starting sport at home!

Hello to all! 

Welcome to this new article dedicated to the best equipment for starting sports at home 🔥

After having written an article on"Progressing very quickly with bodyweight at home", we are going to present you the necessary equipment to have to work in the best conditions 💪

Want to strengthen your muscles, heart and mind? 📈

You want to gain in strength in endurance in confidence in discipline... and that it shows in the mirror in your relationships with others and in the way you undertake other projects in your life?

Are you limited in travel, equipment or time?

You are clearly in the right place to get started, welcome 💪

In addition, a surprise awaits you at the end of this article...

We will present you the ideal equipment to have to sculpt a dream body !


Elastic bands: your best allies!

elastic bands

We start with the elastic bands which are the essential essential accessory for your Home Gym.

They allow you to perform a multitude of a multitude of exercises and work all all the muscles of the body. With 3 different levels of resistance they will make you quicklyprogress !

The elastic bands will adapt to each level, whether you are a beginner or more experienced, you will find your account.

If you wish to warm up, lighten up or or to make yourself heavier they will answer all these theseneeds !

Gone are the weights, gone are the elastic bands 💪

After a goodwarm-up with your elastic bands inspire you from the video to discover all the possible exercises for maximum results !


Fitness mats: for increased comfort 

Fitness mats

Have a fitness mat at home will allow you to perform a countless number of of exercises to vary your to vary your workouts.

Pilates, burpees, bodybuilding or muscle recovery it will be a real asset to have nearby.

Let's take the example of the plank (belly tuck) which will allow you, among other things, to tone your whole body, improve your posture and your and your and abdominal muscles.

The ventral sheathing consists in lying face to the ground, legs stretched and arms bent, so as to be only in support on the forearms. The idea is to to contract to the maximum the abdominals and the glutes in order to support the weight of the body on the forearms and the tip of the feet.

Strive to keep the perfect movement for as long as as long as possible and observe the results and observe the results as you progress...


Push-up handles: for safe exercise

Push up bars

First of all,
the specific warm-up to do push-ups on this equipment.

The only real sticking point here is probably the wrists. Don't hesitate to warm them up sufficiently beforehand, for example with a few movements of mobility on the floor. Then, a few reels or shoulder rotation will never hurt.

Place the push-up handles at the same level as your width of your shoulders then, very importantly, the shoulders in which you don't want to fall, on the contrary, you will want to push them forward. push them forward as much as possible, then down.

The rest of the body is equally important. In concrete terms, it must be straight and contracted from shoulders to the heels. It remains only the legs that you are going to tighten, to stretch well and also to contract, while holding firmly on the tiptoes.

And there you have it, you're in a solid core position with almost every muscle in your body engaged, you're ready to do a set of push-ups and make them happen.


A unique package just for you! 

pack eric flag


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  • The ideal combo: The best pack to start progressing and reach your goals! 

Check out this amazing pack right here 🔥

By adding these two items, have a real gym at home that will allow you to solicit the totality of the muscle groups:


Dip bars: become an AS

dips bar

For this position with the dip bars we start by putting
the hands one in front of the other with thumbs around the bar we put ourselves in position of dips and we want that the wrists are approximately above the bar (we do not want to be too much towards the outside nor too much towards the inside, that must be comfortable).

Once you're there, you'll want to extend your arms 99%.That means you don't want your arms to be in hyper extension. You want them to be a little bit bent so that it's your muscles that are supporting the weight and not the joints. You want to make sure you turn your elbows inward.

In this position, you are solid you will contract the abs, the buttocks, the legs. To tighten the legs one against the other in order to remain well sheathed is a good technique.

Once you are in position, it is a matter of bending at the elbow and going down to 90 degrees before coming back up.

At the bottom of each repetition, you must stop a quarter of a second before starting again just to make sure you don't bounce and use force to go down and back up. Elbows should always remain along your body they should not go to the sides.


Calisthenics bars: for maximum versatility


Discover the
multitude of exercises exercises that can be done with the Calisthenics bar in the video below:

I hope this article has made you more and inspired you to excel at home! 💪

See you soon for more blog posts, in the meantime you can find all my videos on my Youtube channel!

Take care, see you soon.

Eric Flag

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