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Article: #20 - Money VS Self-Actualization, with Elio Avila Muñoz

#20 - Money VS Self-Actualization, with Elio Avila Muñoz

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Episode 20 - I have the pleasure of talking again with my friend Elio Avila Muñoz, this time about money! In this open discussion we discuss:

  • The apparent trade-off between "getting a message out to as many people as possible" and "making more and more money".
  • Is it possible to have "enough" money? Why do we always want more and how can we avoid falling into this spiral?
  • The danger of increasing one's standard of living and perceived status and their relationship to our happiness.
  • Our personal relationship with money and what we would do with 1 million euros that would fall from the sky.

Enjoy your listening! 😃

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1 comment

Hello Eric,
I've been doing all your podcasts since the beginning, I discovered your work via Campus Coach. I appreciate what you do so I take the time to go through all your content (and I still have plenty to do between your channel and the 75 podcasts left to go through ^^). Maybe you'll have made the 100th one by then :). A reflection I have on this podcast 20, it reflects a bit my current "process" that I equate to deconstruction. You may talk about this in another podcast. I think for me, it's a good way to question our relationship to materiality, to always wanting to own more. I think when we talk about "progression" we often think "having more" but we can imagine progression as being either vertical or horizontal, construction or deconstruction. And sometimes deconstruction is good, you mentioned it a little bit with the person who gets hurt. I also think of the processes of the diversity of life that leads to more evolution by going through these horizontal, vertical, construction, deconstruction phases. I realize today that I did not apply my critical sense of things enough on my knowledge or my actions. I am relearning that at 45 years old, I had indeed lost it, and how much we have in our lives so many popular belief markers. Even on simple things like stretching to avoid aches, shoes with high cushioning, etc... We have a little too much maximalism in our lives and we forget too quickly that it is surely the simplicity that makes our life easier. :)
I like your content anyway, it echoes quite well what I'm looking for.
Thank you.

Cédric Pfeiffer

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