Pump Handles
Pump Handles
Pump Handles
Pump Handles
Pump Handles
Pump Handles
Pump Handles

Pump Handles

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Type of handles:Ergonomic

Relieve your wrists and gain more range with push-up handles. Available in two versions.

- Comfortable to use.
- Steel & Wood alloy for an absolute longevity.
- Non-slip pads for optimal stability.
- Compact and easy to carry.

they trusted us...

Available in two versions: Round handles called "classic" of 4 cm in diameter and ergonomic handles called "oval" of 4 x 5 cm. They will fit perfectly in your hands! 

Relieve your wrists! Push-up grips are a real asset to have to multiply the possibilities during your workouts. In addition to protecting your wrists during exercises that normally require you to put your hands on the ground, they also allow you to increase your range of motion.

Compact dimensions: 15 cm long by 10 cm high. Weighing less than 2 kg per pair, the push up bars are easily transportable, so you can take them everywhere with you. 

Premium Quality: Made of high quality steel and beech wood, our pump handles are renowned for their remarkable strength and durability. They will offer you a unique comfort in the hand for the best workouts and street workouts ever!

Stability & Grip : The anti-slip pads placed under the steel surface, guarantee stability and grip throughout your training, they will also allow you to protect your floor in indoor use. 4 additional anti-slip pads are provided to change them in case of wear (we think of everything!).

Ultra-versatile equipment: The pump handles offer maximum versatility with a multitude of possible exercises (handstand, L-Sit, plank and many more...).

Check out Eric's article on our Blog: The best equipment to start exercising at home

Pump handles

Protect your wrists.

Solidity, stability and design, all in a compact, easy to carry format!

Customer Reviews

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At the top!

Very good quality.
Fast delivery.

Guillaume NEEL
Very good quality

Very ergonomic and therefore fits very well in the hands. Ultra solid and quality. Perfect to do push-ups without putting pressure on your wrists.


I have a delay in my pecs which prevents me from feeling them while doing pushups even with other handles on the market, I am shocked at the quality of this product, the handles are of better quality bigger and fatter than any other I feel my pecs at each repetition thank you 1000x!

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