# 8 - The Man Who Wanted To Learn Everything, with Super Heco

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Episode 8 - I have the pleasure of discussing with Guillaume, alias Super Heco, a Youtuber who creates videos in which he learns over a period of time various skills that have made him dream for a long time! We discuss:

  • How he created his Youtube channel to force himself to make his dreams come true.
  •  The format of the "experiences" on Youtube, the comparison with other creators, as well as the choices to be made between the subjects "which work" and those less popular but which are important to us.
  • How does the CNC work, this organization which awards scholarships to Youtubers and how it got its own.
  • How he tries to get by financially on Youtube from the beginning and fights to be able to live from his creations.

Good listening ! 😃

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