# 17 - When A Craving Becomes A Necessity, with Quentin Randis

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Episode 17 - Quentin Randis is an entrepreneur, sports coach and content creator, and he's also a good friend of mine! In this episode, we focus on creating and launching a project, with all the inherent difficulties. We discuss: 

  • How he understood which creative format suited him best and how he dared to take the first step to release his project into the world.
  • How he manages to be consistent and not run out of ideas and inspiration to create.
  • How to cultivate a mindset that can reduce the amount of discipline we have to provide to achieve our goals, with the famous "Why".
  • And many other things!

Good listening ! 😃

► Find Quentin Randis on his Podcast "Biceps & Mindset" and on his Instagram


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