# 51 - The 7 Ways To Be Like Others And Become Popular (Pt. 2)

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Episode 51 - 2nd part of ep. 50! Our reputation, the perception of ourselves that those around us, the extent of our personal and professional "network", all these things are decisive in our daily lives.

How can we considerably improve our relations with those around us, whether in our interests but also in the common interest? 

In this series of two episodes, I present you 7 methods to do this, which I dig one after the other by giving you concrete examples. We attack the last 4 in this episode:   

   4. Cultivate empathy and bring out the interests of others
   5. Avoid openly criticizing or condemning someone or an action
   6. Be honest, responsible and respectful ... How we would like to be with us
   7. Be sincere in our approach and our words

Good listening ! 😃

Books mentioned:
Yuval Noah Harari - Sapiens / French version
Dale Carnegie - How to Win Friends and Influence People, by Dale Carnegie / In English (recommended)

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