# 33 - Cultivating A Holistic Approach To Life, With Amandine Léger

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Episode 33 - I am pleased to welcome Amandine Léger, Sports Coach, Content Creator on YouTube & Instagram and Entrepreneur. We discuss:

● The journey that led her to become a sports coach and then an entrepreneur upon leaving her studies early.

● Her vision of the female fitness ecosystem and its evolution in media and social networks.

● Her approach to "fitness" which takes the individual in his entirety and of which she is the prime example, at her peak at 36 years old.

● The reasons that led her to become vegan 4 years earlier and the impacts it had.

● How she was able to start her business today, after a first failure and by the force of learning and constant personal development.

● The role of those around her, which are few in number in her life as an entrepreneur, as well as how she manages to develop her life as a couple in this flow of work that never stops.

Good listening ! 😃

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