You will find on this page all my Recommendations as well as what I personally use, how much and why, as dietary supplements

I buy all my personal supplements at MyProtein since now 12 years ! I already showed them innocently in my very first Youtube video and that's why I accepted the partnership they offered me two years later.

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In addition to a Steel Shaker, here are the 5 products that I recommend to the vast majority of people who want to start supplementing themselves. In addition to that, a pre-workout can also make a difference (see below)


The quantity of my catches depends on my needs to be met during the day, but it often corresponds to 30-40g of protein, or 35-45g of powder.

When I consume whey it is always a very high protein variant like Whey Isolate (90% protein for the flavorless version), or the Clear Whey Isolate (my favorite of the moment with its very pleasant and digestible texture, similar to water).

Of course, there are protein powders of different ranges, especially cheaper ones. What is important to me is to have more protein for less calories per serving. In view of this criterion, the purer and more expensive powders like Isolate are all the more interesting, even if they require a higher budget of course.

Rice protein powder & Pea protein (also the Clear Vegan Protein, same texture as water and superb taste, I love strawberries!) - If you are looking for a vegetable source, the best amino acid profile would be a mixture between those of rice and peas, which I do manually by mixing the two.

I prefer to eat my protein rather than drink it, but since being a vegetarian their regular powder consumption makes my life much easier to have enough.


Creatine Monohydrate

5g per day, rather after training - The most studied molecule in sports nutrition and proven to improve the ability to gain strength, muscle, and so many other benefits, completely safely and without any adverse effects! - Might as well take it without aroma, it has no taste anyway and we thus get more for our money.

Super Omega 3

The only Omega 3 supplement worth it. Here we have 760mg of O3 per 1g of pill, which means that which 3 pills per day if you want to achieve a scientifically recommended and effective dosage of 2-3g of O3 per day. Taking 1-2 generic pills per day at 300mg of O3 each is almost a waste of money because less than a third of the effective intake. There are Omega 3 Vegan based on algae, but precisely, the contribution is low (375mg per capsule) and would thus require to swallow a lot.


2g per day, after training - Along with Creatine, the amino acid L-Carnitine is the only supplement that can provide a real plus after training. It has been studied to significantly reduce muscle pain as well as accelerate recovery between two sessions. Found naturally in meat and dairy products, it is all the more recommended for those who consume little or no (like me haha). Personally, I much prefer to take it in powder, which I add to my Creatine and to my possible shaker of Proteins post-workout.

Vitamin D3

One pill a day (2500 IU) in autumn & winter. Such an important vitamin and very difficult to obtain in sufficient quantity without exposure to the sun!

Vitamin B complex

Half a pill a day, very complementary to my vegetarian diet (Vitamin B12, in particular).

The joint

Two capsules per day. Contains Collagen, which has been studied to improve joint health, which is why I care about my sport.

Zinc & Magnesium

One pill a day, just to be sure not to run out.


Caffeine pills

1 pill 200mg - Increases muscle strength and endurance, among others.


4g - Reduces fatigue induced by physical activity and increases muscular and cardiovascular endurance. In fact, this amino acid works like Creatine, you just need to take it regularly to benefit from it, anytime, but it's more practical in the pre-workout as a result. The tingling is normal and harmless.

Citrulline Malate

8g - Increases muscular and cardiovascular endurance and helps reduce muscle pain.


200mg - Works in synergy with Caffeine (recommended to take the same amount) and improves concentration, attention and cognition.


3g of HMB when training on an empty stomach - Eliminates the possibility of muscle loss on an empty stomach. Better and cheaper per dose than BCAAs, which are the same with a 10g dose, which will contain the 3g of HMB we are interested in.
The BCAAs having been studied to be of no use other than that (and to make a lot of money for the sellers of course), since I take HMB instead, I never take BCAAs.

All of this in water represents my complete Pre-Workout. To take 20-30 minutes before training for a serious boost!

It is of course possible to buy a pre-workout already done, and I sometimes use these which are well composed:

Alpha Pre-Workout - All the ingredients are well dosed for an effective boost and finally with a good taste! (apple my favorite)
The Pump - For the same thing but without caffeine, ideal for training later in the day.

Why not just grab one out of the box rather than having to build our own from multiple packages? Good question !

The advantages of Pre-Workout all ready :
- Very practical, well dosed, quick and easy to take. The biggest advantage, especially if the budget allows it.
- The presence of certain interesting ingredients but difficult to find separately (I am thinking in particular of Betaine Anhydrous).

The advantages of making your own Pre-Workout mix:
- We know exactly what's in it, why and in what quantity.
- We avoid a bunch of unnecessary ingredients (as is always the case otherwise, because a long list of ingredients gives the impression of having more "Boost" for your money), or potentially unwanted, such as sweeteners .
- This is cheaper by the portion, because you pay a lot less for the big marketing that is used for these branded products, which are additionally filled with complexes of proprietary ingredients (the ingredients with bizarre names, with Copyright or Trademark, without details of what 'they contain and are best avoided in general because they are often used just to make money).


As Snacks, I am also a fan of their Peanut butter and Cashew Nuts, which are certainly more suitable and easier to manage in mass gain than in dryness, because I have trouble stopping once the jar is open 😁

I recently tested Flavdrops, natural flavors to add a few mini drops to boost the taste of anything. I'm trying not to become addicted to it, but I tested strawberries in my 0% fromage blanc and I was really surprised at the effectiveness and the good taste! 

I also order whenever my stock is exhausted Organic Chia Seeds (a super-seed with nothing but good), Organic Cocoa Powder (only the cocoa you want, no sugar!) as well as Coconut Oil (one of the most resistant to high temperatures, ideal for cooking)

And when greed takes me, I also sometimes take protein bars. I only take these, because after careful analysis on my part, these are the ones that provide the most protein / calories, the most important factor in my opinion. The taste is also very good!


We are no longer talking about supplements, but I have tested and adopted several clothing also, here are my favorites (which you will often see on my Insta & Youtube):

Shorts: Classic Gray, Classic Black
Tank Tops: Classic Gray, Classic Black, Cobalt Blue
T-Shirts: Light red
Zipped Hoodie: Classic Gray, Classic Black
Underwear: Black sports boxersBlack socks & short white
Yes, I remain generally in the classic (but effective) 🙃


All my supplements and their dosages, especially in pre-workout, are in accordance with the most recent scientific research which proves their effectiveness. The impartial reference site (in English) for research and all your questions about the usefulness of a supplement / ingredient, as well as the origin of my sources: