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Article: #61 - Stress Management & Goals for my future life

#61 - Stress Management & Goals for my future life

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Episode 61 - A little more personal episode in which I share my thoughts of the last few weeks about these last years, especially 2021 and what I want to learn from it for the immediate and distant future.

I discuss the negative stress, something I feel I've felt quite a bit of this past year, where I think it comes from and how I plan to reduce it in the future, all in order to continue to move in the right direction towards one of my biggest personal goals that I also share.

    Have a good listen! 😃

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    Hi Eric, while listening to one of your podcasts, a question came to my mind that you must also feel concerned about.
    Very often in my daily life, I am affected by the impostor syndrome, I feel like I don't deserve my place, that I am not the right person to do this...
    How do you do as a youtuber and sportsman to get over this.
    Thanks for your videos and podcasts, keep it up, it's great

    Valentin Bories

    Hey, Eric, I have a quick question. In an old podcast, during your military internship and when you got hooked on bodybuilding, you said you read a lot of information and heard many podcasts that finally told you the truth about this sport and nutrition on the train or at work.
    Could you please give us some sources to make sure we are learning the right things, whether it be PDFs, articles or podcasts?
    Thanks and keep it up, you're doing great -^^

    Jules Sevret

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