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Article: #38 - Those Moments When You Could Die Of Joy

#38 - Those Moments When You Could Die Of Joy

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Episode 38 - Have you ever, in an instant and without warning, felt so overwhelmed with inner joy that you could almost die in the moment... and everything would be fine?

I recorded this episode literally at the end of such a personal experience, which was not my first one, in order to document it on the spot and try to understand it better.

I encourage you to react to this episode and to share at the bottom of this page any questions, answers & experiences you may have :)

Enjoy your listening! 😃

 The two musics I talk about in the episode:
Scylla, Sofiane Pamart - Solitude
Panda Eyes - Free From U


Episode Notes
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Hi Eric, I just listened to your podcast and I think it's great that you talk about your experience on this subject! In my opinion this feeling happens to more people than we think, but it's true that it's not an easy subject to talk about, who knows, maybe if you talk to some people in your family or your buddies you'd be surprised! 😁
A lot of people keep it to themselves mainly out of fear of not being understood I think. Because when it happens, it's so strong that you wish everyone was in your head to understand the thing! As you say you want to share it and shout it out loud. But it's so strong that you can hardly find the words to try to give a semblance of what it's really like.
Personally, it happened to me several times to feel this kind of plenitude, the last time it was in the countryside, we were 3 in a big house, at the new year, the landscape was of a magnificent white, the snow was falling outside, my friend was playing the piano and everything was perfect. It was crazy. Really crazy, it was so good. It was like you were getting drunk on the moment.
On top of that, it happened in a period when I was graduating, so it was very stressful. Yet, at that very moment, there were no problems at all. 😂
I don't know much about it, I don't know if it's possible to feel that way with multiple people or what, but I promised myself I'd research it. In the meantime, I note the ref from Frédéric Lenoir.
Anyway, thanks for a very meaningful and inspiring podcast, and for all that you do on the side! 🌟


Thank you so much for your very interesting comments!!! 😃

PS: Louis, Teho - Behind Me is in my ears right now and it's exactly the kind of music I love to work to (formerly revise haha), thanks for that! 😃 In a similar genre, I really like Worakls, Joachim Pastor and NTO 🔥

Eric Flag

Hi Eric,
Congratulations for this episode, I really like the way you tell this experience in a factual way, trying to understand, a bit like a lab journal.
I have the impression that we have a bit of the same musical tastes (quite eclectic), since I am also a fan of electro as well as (good) rap and I love Solitude, one of my favorite tracks. I would love to be able to do the piano piece you're talking about but I don't have your talent.
You mention in it that you like music with good melodies and good beats, and I thought I'd share this little nugget with you (well maybe you already know). Teho - Behind me (I've been listening to this one over and over). I really think it's the kind of music you're going to love, maybe a little too chill for training, but it puts me in an incredible mood.
Here I just wanted to share this with you, you bring so much to people, I hope I can bring you some "fun" with this piece.
Take care of yourself!


Hi Eric,
I think that the state of bliss you are talking about is, according to me, a normal state, well let's say, a state that should be present in each of us at least 90% of the time, but I am forced to note that in the world, currently, it is rather the opposite because nowadays, most of the population has a thousand things to do at the same time and ask themselves billions of questions, which is incompatible with this state of well being which can only be found in letting go. I clicked when you talked to me about music and movement, because that's my thing, to dance without taking my head, what I like most is to improvise on music that sends. For me, it is the top to obtain this state of bliss. I invite you to have a look at my youtube channel called Arnaud Isback, le lâcher prise en musique might speak to you, who knows! (sorry for the self-promotion, feel free to delete my comment if it bothers you, I'll understand perfectly) but I really invite you to come and see what I do because it will be more meaningful for you than words.
Ciao and congratulations for your videos and podcasts, it's really a good job!

Arnaud Isback

You have surely lived an intense spiritual experience, I am not an expert in the matter but what I can tell you is. Don't try to go back to that state, on the contrary, the more you want to go back the less possible it will be. It has nothing to do with drugs, they make you forget your problems and you are somehow in the present moment but your mind is not clear, you are unconscious unlike that deep state of peace in which you are conscious.
However the best way to relive this kind of experience is to integrate the present moment, like integrating the flow. The flow you need an activity, a stimulus, while the present moment is here and now all the time. I advise you, and even ask you, to read "the power of the present moment" by echkart tolle. It is not a simple instructive reading but much more, after the impact of this book varies according to the person. It is also important, and I think you will do it instinctively, to read it again at different stages of your life. It is very powerful.
I hope to bring you my aider🙏🏻🙌🏻


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