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Article: #31 - Piano And Sport, It's All the Same.

#31 - The Piano And Sport, It's All the Same.

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Episode 31 - Learning to play an instrument can be done randomly as well as through a tested and approved system... Exactly like sports!

In this episode, I retrace my discovery and learning of the piano, which I have been playing for the past fifteen years, sharing what I believe to be the effective system I was taught to use to progress.

I draw all the parallels with sports and many other things in life, and I even touch on the chord that is so specific to music: emotions.

    Enjoy your listening! 😃

    Episode Notes
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    1 comment

    Hi Eric,
    Honestly, well at 23 years old, I had literally never listened to a podcast, and for the past few days I've been doing a bit of a marathon of yours.
    If some of the advice seems logical, as you said before, it's always very effective to give a reminder.
    I can relate to this one because outside of school, I'm really passionate about music and sports, and in both cases, I've always put the fun part first. I've been telling myself for a while, it's time to move on to a real training and program to progress. It's never too late to start haha

    All that to say, keep on doing what you're doing, enjoy yourself above all, and I find it really enriching to listen to you whatever the subject is. It motivates and allows a real questioning. Only positive things!

    Have a nice evening!


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