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Prix de vente€195,00

Surpass your limits and become a real machine with our stand-up pull-up bar!

- High and adjustable pull-up bar.
- Without fixation.
- Height adjustable from 105 to 210 cm quickly.
- Optimal stability thanks to wide feet.
- Ultra-strong steel, up to 300 kg load.

they trusted us...

Adjustable height: Our pull-up bar is adjustable in only 10 seconds to different heights (105, 120, 130, 140, 150, 160, 170, 180, 190, 200, 210 cm) and offers a maximum height above average. It is adapted to any morphology. 

Become an AS of the pull-ups: The Slide Bar has excellent stability thanks to wide legs and non-slip pads, so there's no excuse not to improve your skills!

Information: The Slide Bar is not designed for dynamic or swinging movements. It is possible that the bar may move slightly during use, but this does not affect its use.  

Premium Quality: Made of high quality steel, our pull-up bar will last for years. It will offer you an excellent comfort and an unequalled solidity.

Recruit different muscle groups: Its ease of adjustment will allow you to work at the desired height during your workouts. Here are some examples of exercises that can be done with our pull-up bar: 

- Vertical and Horizontal Pull-Ups: Back and Biceps
- Dips: Chest, Shoulders and Triceps
- Muscle ups: Full body
- Deadlifts & L-Sit: Abs & Obliques
- Front lever / Back Lever / Plank / Handstand

Possibility of attaching Gym Rings or Elastic Bands for even more exercises and versatility! 

To push your limits without changing your exercise, it is possible to weight yourself with a Weight Belt or a Weighted Vest.

Pull-up bar on legs

Adjustable in less than 10 seconds.

Adapted to all body types, our Slide Bar can be adjusted to 11 different heights in less than 10 seconds (top time!).

The power of ballast

Increase your performance.

Our stand-up pull-up bar will help you progress in pulling. Weight yourself to increase the difficulty and gain strength!

Customer Reviews

Based on 62 reviews

Well, first of all, super-fast delivery, a little box of 27k7, it's nice that you're already working out by taking it to the assembly site ^^. Everything is impeccably packaged, easy to assemble, and sturdy. In use, I'm waiting to see how easy it is to change the level of the bar, but an indoor modular bar of this quality is clean! Knowing full well that it's not designed for musl up, of course that's what I tried first, and surprise, I succeeded, even if it moves a lot. Don't forget that it's not designed for, but that says a lot about the whole thing, that being said I strongly advise against trying it in cross fit mode anyway I advise against cross fit 😜. In short, this bar does what it claims to do brilliantly, the only downside... the thickness of the pull-up bar itself, which isn't that of the calysthenic terrain I've been used to, or even of classic pull-up bars, and I find that really penalizing and I simply don't understand why. I'll have to see whether I get used to it in the long run. All in all, a very good product with, in my opinion, the only fault being the grip.

Jean-Louis Claudot

Fast delivery.
Very good quality and solid material.
Easy to assemble. Very readable and understandable technical instructions. Assembly tools (keys) provided. We will also appreciate the quality of the packaging of the assembly hardware.

slide bar

Quality material, easy to assemble if you take your time and follow the instructions.

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