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Adjustable Kettlebell 20kg

Prix de vente€122,90

Continue your physical progress by working your whole body with the adjustable kettlebell!

👉 Ultra-compact for freedom of movement.
👉 2 handles included for maximum versatility.
👉 Up to 150 kg max load!

Adjustable Kettlebell 20kg
Adjustable Kettlebell 20kg Prix de vente€122,90

Discover the Kettlebell on video :


Muscle your whole body.

Work your legs, glutes, shoulders, arms and back with the adjustable kettlebell. A must-have, hyper-versatile piece of equipment that will accompany you as you progress.

Compact & Versatile.

Adapt the resistance to your needs and progress at your own pace with the 5 discs supplied (3.7 kg each) up to 20kg.

In addition to the discs supplied, any other disc compatible with a standard Olympic bar (50mm diameter) can be used.

Maximum load: 150 kg.