#26 - The Two Faces Of Perfectionism, With Mathias

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Episode 26 - Perfectionism can be a faithful ally, as well as a destructive enemy. I discuss it in detail in this episode with Mathias, a Youtuber and friend who is very familiar with it. 

We will discuss our personal relationship with it as well as its impact on our work and the rest of our lives.

During the discussion, we will trace the "journey" of the perfectionist, who can experience two very different sides. A dark side, tinged with insecurity, procrastination and imposture, as well as a light side, marked by flamboyant ambition.

But even in the light, it is very likely to get burned, so we share some ideas on how to deal with that.

Happy listening! 😃

â–ș Find Mathias on his Youtube channel as well as on his personal Instagram and that of his Motivation account.


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