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Article: #44 - Deconstructing the Alpha Male, with Mise À Mâle (Theo & Flo)

#44 - Deconstructing the Alpha Male, With Mise À Mâle (Theo & Flo)

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Episode 44 - I was invited in the Podcast Mise à Mâle by Théo & Flo to discuss over a beer the concept of the Alpha Male.
What is it? How do we all see it? How much truth is there in it? Where does the idea or need to be the Alpha of the group come from? 

The three of us discuss this while telling stories from our own lives about it, when we have attended Alpha Male demonstrations or when we remember doing it ourselves.

Happy listening! 😃

Find Theo & Flo on their Mise à Mâle Podcast, which I recommend!


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1 comment

A little general feedback, I just listened to all your podcasts on Antenapod, while working (manual work so I fill my head with interesting stuff) ;)
I really like the long topics and formats where you can go to the end of your thought without limiting yourself by lack of time.
I also like your spontaneity, going in all directions ... In short, I feel like having an interesting discussion between friends is very nice, continue :D
See you in a next video or podcast,
Laura :)


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