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Article: #42 - How to "Win" at the Games of Life

#42 - How To "Win" At The Games Of Life

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Episode 42 - This episode complements my YouTube video on the same subject: the countless games of everyday life, whether it's a game of chess, succeeding in school, finding a job, etc.

The video in question:

I begin with an overview of game theory: what are the characteristics of a game? What reasons do we have for playing? I also introduce the famous Prisoner's Dilemma.

I end by distinguishing between finite and infinite games and I try to highlight the choices we sometimes have to play with our own rules, as well as questions that can be useful to ask ourselves in our daily lives in order to find our way through all this.

As promised in the video, I end this episode by revisiting my own college game and explain why, due to the rules of this game in particular, I didn't feel entirely deserving of becoming Valedictorian in college.

Enjoy! 😃

The book mentioned:
Simon Sinek - the Infinite Game


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Hi Eric! Your podcasts are all extremely interesting and I learn a lot from them, thank you! You talk about podcasts that you listen to, could you make a list of tips from these podcasts. I think we have a lot of common interests and I'd love to see what you've come up with! Thanks for your work and energy.


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